Choose a Camping Stove

Having the right camping stove can make your camping experience relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. If you have the wrong camping stove, your entire camping experience can turn into a nightmare. There are two questions you’ll need to ask yourself to decide which camping stove is best for you:

  1. Where will I be camping?
  2. How many people will I be cooking for?

Shopping for a camping stove can be a bit confusing. With so many camping stoves available in the marketplace it can be a bit daunting to know which one would work the best for you. Camping stoves are basically designed to meet one of three purposes: family camping, backpack camping, or mountain camping. Here is a guide that can help you choose a camping stove.

Family camping stoves are larger than other camping stoves, and the gas canister that attaches to them will be larger than the canisters used on the other types of camping stove. These stoves are designed so that even relatively inexperienced campers can safely use them. Most family camping stoves will have one large gas hob, or two smaller gas hobs. Some family camping stoves come with will a grill attached. A standard family meal can be cooked on these stoves.

Backpack camping stoves are designed so they can be carried long distances in a backpack. These stoves are popular among fishermen, hikers, cyclists, and cross country skiers. These stoves are smaller and lighter than family stoves and most only have one cooking hob. The intent of these stoves is to cook a very basic meal. You have the option of purchasing a backpacking stove that uses liquid, solid fuel, or gas.

Mountain camping stoves are designed for mountain climbers and are minimal in weight and size. These stoves are designed for use in low atmospheric pressure and very cold conditions. These stoves have one small hob and are designed to cook a very basic meal. These stoves generally use liquid fuel because it performs the best under extreme conditions and cooks fast. Mountain camping stoves are a bit more complicated to use in comparison to backpack camping stoves and family camping stoves, but many people prefer to sacrifice ease of use because the stove saves space and is light weight.

To surmise, if you need a camping stove that is convenient to use and can cook multiple foods for a meal, a family camping stove is probably your best option. If you’ll be carrying your camping stove in a backpack or in saddle bags and you only need a basic meal, opt for a backpack camping stove. It you need a really lightweight stove that is compact, a mountain camping stove will suit your needs.

No matter which type of camping stove you purchase, be sure to read all of the material that accompanies it. Learn how to safely operate the stove and put it through a test run before you head out on your camping trip. It’d be dreadful to arrive on your trip to find there is a malfunction in the stove.