How to Choose a Camping Tent

Finding out on your first night of a camping trip that you have the wrong type of tent can be devastating. Many people have been through this experience and they will tell you that it’s important to choose a camping tent that will suit your specific camping experience.

Choosing the right tent can be a bit confusing because there are factors to consider, such as the season you’ll be camping in and the size of the tent. Here is a guide to help you choose a camping tent that will meet your needs.

The season you’ll be camping in will primarily determine the type of tent you need. Just like sleeping bags, tents come with season ratings. When shopping for tents you’ll generally see a Three Season Rating and a Four Season Rating to describe the tent.

Camping tents that are marked as Three Season will work for campers in the spring, summer, and fall. These tents come with three poles and will have a rain fly that protects campers against the weather. Some come with a skylight window. These tents work well in the rain and wind, but they shouldn’t be used for campers who may experience snow. These tents tend to be less expensive than Four Season tents.

Camping tents that are marked as Four Season will work in all four seasons and have a fully encompassing rain fly and waterproof floors. They are specifically designed to stand up to severe weather such as cold temperatures, snow, wind, and extreme UV exposure. These tents will come with four poles and most have a skylight window.

Another factor you’ll want to consider when choosing a camping tent is how many people will be sleeping in it and the size of the people that will be sleeping in the tent. Most people tend to opt for a bit of extra tent room. For instance, if the tent is to sleep two people, you may want to opt for a three person tent. If possible, it’s a good idea to get inside a tent and move around before you purchase it.

Also, keep in mind that a tent that is listed as a two person tent means it can sleep two people. It doesn’t mean it can sleep two people and all the gear that two people have brought camping with them. If you want your tent to be a place where you can sleep and store camping gear, opt for a larger tent.

Once you’ve purchased a tent that is the right size and season for your camping experiences, do everything you can to maintain the life of your tent. It would be a shame if your tent started to mold, mildew, and become smelly after only a few uses. Many campers who neglected the care and maintenance of their tents have had to replace them. So, be sure to read all of the care material that accompanies your tent. With a bit of tender loving care, your tent can last indefinitely.