RV accessories: all the comforts of home

Though many campers still choose the most simple and primitive way of camping with a tent and sleeping bag, others travel in expensive fully-equipped RVs with highly sophisticated technology aboard. RV accessories include everything from satellite Internet connections to water filtration systems. Any number of these devices can be found on these homes-away-from-home.


Satellite dishes can be installed on RVs in order to pick up television, satellite telephone, and Internet signals, all of which are particularly important for those whose primary residence is their RV or for travelers who need to keep in touch with the office. Just so a traveler won't need to purchase maps or worry about getting lost, GPS navigation systems are becoming fairly standard motorized RV accessories. Additional and simpler options include a CB and two-way radios.


Water purification and filtering systems can be installed in RVs, insuring a safe water supply while traveling. This is a feature of particular interest to those who are concerned about drinking water in other parts of the country. These systems also provide protection from water-borne illnesses when traveling outside the borders of the United States.  Water softeners can even be added to an RV as well as water heaters. No more cold showers or rough skin!


Carrying extra batteries in an RV isn't necessary today. Solar battery chargers can be purchased to recharge electronics, flashlights, lanterns, mp3 players, and cell phone batteries. Also relying on the sun's power, solar-powered generators are available, and make camping in remote locations possible as long as there is sunshine. Inexpensive power inverters can be also be used to convert power from an automobile to electronics. A fire alarm would be a wise investment for any type of RV. Other RV accessories include motion-activated lighting systems for security, as well as back-up cameras. 


Today's traveler can even have a stackable or all-in-one washer and dryer included as an option. Dishwashers, microwaves and vacuum systems made specifically for RVs can be purchased. These amenities make traveling as comfortable as being at home. Air conditioning and heating units are standard on most motorized RVs and in some tow-along campers.


Add-ons for all types of RVs are numerous. Roll-out awnings can be added to make a shady space in front of the main door as well as to provide shade over windows. A screen room that attaches to the awning and to the RV can be added, as well as carpet to cover the ground inside the screen room, significantly adding to the usable space in the RV. 


Traveling in an RV today is as simple and comfortable or as luxurious as a fine hotel.  The most expensive RVs can cost up to one-million dollars, permitting the owner to enjoy extravagant and plush as well as mobile living conditions as an alternative to motel or hotel lodging. For those who merely wish to enjoy a camping experience as close to nature as possible a fairly inexpensive tent trailer will provide that element.