RV Dealers and Manufacturers

Since 1953, when the Holiday Rambler was presented to the camping world, RVs have become enormously popular. Nearly 150 companies in the United States and Canada are now manufacturing RVs, and about 3,000 dealers are located in nearly every state of the United States.

Since the Holiday Rambler was introduced in 1953, the RV industry has expanded to include not just travel trailers, but also motor homes, folding (tent) camping trailers, expandable travel trailers, conversion vans, truck campers, fifth wheel campers, and sport utility trailers. The prices range from as low as $500 for a used folding tent camper to the million-dollar range for luxury motor homes. Purchase of an RV can be a good investment, as it is possible to claim an RV as a second home for tax purposes, depending upon the circumstances of use.

RV dealers make it possible to not only shop for the perfect RV, but they also provide on-site financing. If repairs or replacement parts are needed, dealers normally maintain in-house inventory and repair shops. Some dealers specialize in motor homes, while others may carry parts and add-ons for all types of RVs. To a new camper who is uncertain of which type of RV to buy, manufacturers and dealers hold RV Shows every year all around the country. At these shows, a buyer can compare the types of RVs available and walk through them in order to get a feel for what it would be like to stay in one for a period of time. RV dealers and manufacturers also provide buyer’s guides and magazines for potential buyers.

Camping has become popular for a variety of reasons, one of which is the traveler’s freedom to go when and where desired without depending upon availability of hotel or motel rooms. Another group of people well served by RV travel are those with handicaps. A few RV manufacturers offer specialized accessibility options in RVs for the handicapped, making traveling easier for those who normally find it difficult.