RV Repair

After purchasing an RV, be it a motor home or a folding tent trailer, occasional repairs will be needed. Just as good maintenance on a vehicle or home will save the owner from major repairs, so too will it prevent expensive repairs on an RV.

For those inexperienced in mechanical or cosmetic repairs, RV repair manuals are available for sale that will walk an owner through RV repairs. Repairs on a motor home however, may involve engine or transmission work that might be best handled by a professional unless the owner has mechanical experience.

RV repairs can involve not just the chassis or engine, but also the cooling and heating systems, appliances, furnishings, electrical and plumbing systems, and even winterizing the RV. Exterior maintenance can involve taking care of paint scratches, painting hitches and tow bars, replacing worn tires, and mending tenting material on a folding tent trailer.

Materials needed to accomplish these RV repairs can be purchased from an RV dealer or manufacturer. Most retailers will not carry the specialty repair materials necessary for fixing an RV, although an owner may find some repair or maintenance materials readily available at a major retailer. If an owner needs to take the RV to a dealer for repair, it is important to make sure the repairman is a trained and qualified, or even a certified RV technician.

Occasionally, unexpected repairs may be necessary when traveling. There are a multitude of RV repair shops across the country, and many of these offer mobile service. Before leaving on a trip, it might be wise to search for names and phone numbers of mobile repair shops along the expected route and at the destination. Campgrounds typically have names and phone numbers of reputable RV repair shops in the vicinity, and the owner may even have repair experience and knowledge to assist a camper.