Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park in Maine comprises 30, 300 acres on the Mount Desert Island, 2,366 acres on Schoodic Peninsula and 2,278 acres on the Isle au Haut. The park was established by President Woodrow Wilson. It was initially known as Sieur de Monts National Monument in the early part of the 19th Century. February 26, 1919 the area became a national park named Lafayette National Park to honor Marquis de Lafayette who was a powerful supporter of the American Revolution. The name of Lafayette National Park was altered to become the Acadia National Park in January 19, 1929.

Between 1915 - 1933 the rich patron John D. Rockefeller Jr. funded, designed, and administered the establishment of a widespread network of carriage tracks all over the park. This network consists of more than 50 miles grave carriage tracks, 17 granite bridges, as well as 2 gate lodges. Almost the entire establishment remained running up to this moment. During October 17, 1947, the 10,000 acres of the Acadia National Park was ablaze which started on the Crooked Road quite a few miles to the west Hulls Cove. This forest fire was among the succession of fires that put away most of Maine's forest which was the outcome of the dry year.

The fire lasted for days and was fought by Coast Guard, Navy, Army, locals, as well as National Park Service personnel from all over the country. Re-establishment of Acadia National Park was mainly maintained by John D. Rockefeller Jr. Re-growth was allowed to happen naturally. The fire was actually added to the attractiveness of the park. It allowed an assortment of tree populations to grow and it also adds certain deepness to the panorama. Acadia National Park in New England is the sole national park and the foremost park on east side of Mississippi River.

If you visit Acadia National Park, you should definitely visit some of its surrounding areas. Bar Harbor is a town situated northeast corner of the Mount Desert Island. The Southwest Harbor which is on western side of fjord Somes Sound, is popular for fishing and boat-building and it also has the largest yearly population on the Mount Desert Island. On the Northeast Harbor, gorgeous private cottages are found and the area still maintains a small-town atmosphere. Tremont is the dwelling of Bass Harbor Head Light which is situated on what locals refer to as the quiet side of the island.

The preserves found at the Acadia National Park is comprised mostly of the Mount Desert Island as well as connected smaller islands out of Atlantic Coast in Maine. The location contains lakes, woodlands, ocean shoreline, and mountains. Moreover, Mount Desert Island encompasses a significant part of Isle au Haut, a little island going southwest of the Mount Desert Island. In addition, it goes will into some portions of Baker Island as well. There part of the mainland where Schoodic Peninsula is seen also forms a part of the park. From its description alone, it is apparent that Acadia National Park is encompasses a large area that any camper can enjoy.