Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the flagship park in the United States. Every year, it attracts an estimated three million visitors from all over the world. In fact, it is estimated that one-third of the US population will visit the Yellowstone National Park at one point or another during their lifetime. What can be seen in the Yellowstone National Park?

Aside from its incredible geology, you will be able to see wild animals you will not have been able to enjoy otherwise. Grey wolves, grizzly bears, buffalo herds, and a various fish species call Yellowstone National Park their home. Most of all, the Yellowstone National Park allows you to reconnect with the land's history through spectacular sceneries that were thousands of years in the making. The larger-than-life natural landscape gives you a glimpse of what the world was like before highways, railroads, technology, and skyscrapers.

The park is also located in a "hot spot" so it remains one of the most active lands on Earth. You will find steam-emitting geysers and bubbling fumaroles in different areas of Yellowstone National Park. Despite the great care in preserving its natural beauty, this part also shows the scars of tourism. Its famous Old Faithful geyser and the Mammoth Hot Springs are always littered with careless tourists who inevitably damage the environment.

You can avoid the mob scene if you know where you look. A word of advice, don't try to take in all the diverse attractions of the Yellowstone National Park in one gulp. You should enjoy each of its attractions because every one of these is worth visiting in itself. Some of the activities we recommend include:

Hiking Mount Washburn

Yellowstone National Park has over 1,000 miles of hiking trails so you literally have endless options to choose from. So far, a lot of tourists prefer Mount Washburn. Its trail begins in the Glacial Boulder Trailhead and it goes along the northern edge of the Grand Canyon until you reach the east side of Mount Washburn up to its summit. This hike provides you with an incredible view of high-country life and amazing views.

Go Fishing on the Firehole

Countless people troop to Yellowstone National Park to fish in its rich marine waters. Many fly fishers regard the Firehole as the best place to fish in Yellowstone National Park because the thermal activity in the area creates a great environment for the fish. It is particularly enjoyable to fish in the Firehole River during the spring and fall because the catch is available at this time.

Look for Beautiful Wildlife Species

Some people who love the indoors experience the shock of their life when they visit Yellowstone National Park. There are so many species of critters and other insects all wandering around freely. You literally have no idea which critter you will see next. But Yellowstone National Park is also the place where you will be able to see some of the most majestic wildlife animals including elks, grey wolves, coyotes, grizzlies, and eagles.