Alabama State Parks

There are Alabama state parks to fulfill most any camper's dream. With parks available in the mountains down to the coast, Alabama State Parks are a camper's paradise. No matter the season you want to camp, there are parks that will work for you. Here is a highlight of parks which campers say are the best for spring and winter camping:

DeSoto State Park - This state park is located in northeast Alabama and is a favorite for spring and summer camping. DeSoto has 20 full hookup camping sites, 58 sites which have water and electric, and an area for primitive camping. This park is inside Alabama's Mountain region and borders Little River, the world's longest mountaintop river in the United States. The park is home to forests, waterfalls, trails, wildlife, rare and beautiful flowers, and more.

Joe Wheeler State Park - This state park is on Wheeler Lake and is popular for spring and summer campers who are into water sports and recreation. Joe Wheeler has 116 camping sites with full hookups. The great thing about this park is campers don't have to arrive with any water equipment. This Alabama State Park accommodates campers by allowing guests to rent fishing boats, pontoon boats, and jet skis. This park is the place fishermen and birders want to be.

Wind Creek State Park- This state park is about seven miles from Alexander City and very popular in the spring and summer. Wind Creek has 320 acres of campgrounds and offers 626 campsites with water and electricity. This Alabama state park is for water lovers. The park has a marina, boat ramps, and a 210 foot pier where land lovers can fish. In addition to the 40,000 acre lake, there are two hiking trails available for campers who want to explore.

Cheaha State Park- This state park is on top of Cheaha Mountain and is popular for fall and winter camping. Cheaha offers 73 campsites. This Alabama state park is known for its scenery. Cheaha Mountain is 2,407 feet above sea level and the highest point in the state of Alabama. The park is great for campers who want to hike, boat, and fish.

Gulf State Park - This park is located along the coast and is popular year round, but particularly in the winter when people want to escape from the cold. Gulf State offers 496 modern camping sites. This park covers 6,150 acres and has 2.5 miles of white beaches. What makes this park unique is in addition to being on the ocean, it also has lakes. This is ideal for anglers who want to fish in both fresh and salt water.

Lake Guntersville State Park - This state park is located on Little Mountain and is popular year round, but particularly in the winter when American Bald Eagles come to the park to pass the cold season. Lake Guntersville offers 321 camping sites which range from primitive to modern. This park is one of the most popular Alabama's state parks because of its wildlife, fishing, and water recreation. Views from this park are outstanding. Campers can look over the 66,470-acre Guntersville Reservoir, as well as explore the ridge tops and meadows that cover 5,909 acres.