Alaska State Parks

One of the most diverse and beautiful states in the US, Alaska offers some of the most amazing state parks systems in the country. There are many ways you can enjoy all these parks have to offer. Alaska has over 40 park areas across the state. There is sure to be something for every outdoor enthusiast to enjoy.

Camping and Lodging

There are many options for camping while visiting any of Alaska's state parks. One of the most popular lodging options is renting the public use cabins. There are more than 40 cabins available for use by the public. These cabins have prime locations along trails and near water areas like saltwater beaches, remote lakes, and pristine streams. Cabins provide shelter, sleeping platforms, a heating stove, chairs and table, and a latrine close by. The cabins on Shuyak Island also offer a propane stove, dishes, and electric lights. Since they are located close to some of the best hunting and fishing areas, they make the perfect place to stay for hunters.

Tent camping is available throughout the parks. Alaska offers visitors true wilderness to explore. From the snow covered mountains to the crystal lakes and waterways, Alaska's state parks have the most beautiful camping areas in the country. Remember this area is not tame-special care needs to be paid to safety issues. Since this is bear country, you need to become acquainted with normal bear activity. While nothing can guarantee safety when bears are involved, understanding bears and knowing how to act in their presence will greatly reduce you chance of an attack.

Trail System

In 2001 the Alaska Department of Natural Resources created the Alaska Trail System with 41 trails. Known for their historic relevance and scenic beauty, these trails connect rural areas and communities as well as being used for recreational activities. The trails include both land and water trails.

The trails are classified by the type of transportation that is allowed on them. There are a total of nine classifications; short walk, hike/backpack, bike, horse, ski, snow machines, ATV, dog sled, and boat. Some trails allow multiple types of transportation and are marked with all appropriate symbols. The trail system is available all over the state.

Nature Lover's Paradise

The Alaskan state parks offer unparalleled natural views and vast wilderness waiting to be explored. With many boat launches, campgrounds, cabins, historic sites and visitors' centers, the parks provide adventurers with everything they need for a great time outdoors. There are few unspoiled places left in the world with this type of beautiful country-side. If you are looking for an adventure in the great outdoors, check out Alaska's state parks.