Arizona State Parks

If campers wish to see various landscapes, view all types of wildlife, explore historical and natural sites, and take part in the outdoors, they should take a visit to one of the state parks in Arizona. Here is a list of top parks for campers:

Alamo Lake State Park- This Arizona state park covers 2,980 acres and is known as the place to be to view Arizona's wildlife. Wild burros, bald eagles, cattle egrets, blue herons, brown pelicans, and more reside in this park. Alamo Lake has the reputation of being the best lake in the state for bass and crappie fishing. This park is popular year round, and is specifically chosen by campers in the winter because the temperatures generally hover around 70 degrees.

Catalina State Park- This Arizona state park is perfect for campers who want to experience great views, nature, hiking, and trips into historic towns. No matter where you're camping in this park, you'll have magnificent views of the Santa Catalina Mountains. This park has an interpretive trail that campers can stroll down that will take them through the prehistoric Hohokam village-or campers can take the Nature Trail which will give them stunning views of the Sonoran Desert. Campers can also travel to the towns of Tombstone and Nogales; both are within a couple of hours of the park.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park - Don't let the name fool you. This park is brimming with life. This park is a special favorite for birders and campers who want to experience a unique ecosystem. In addition to camping, this park is perfect for all forms of outdoor recreation including fishing, mountain biking, canoeing, and hiking.

Fort Verde State Historic Park- This Arizona state park is perfect for campers who want to visit one of the nation's best preserved forts and experience what it was like during the Indian Wars. In addition to the fort attracting year-round campers to the park, each spring military families, and military buffs, converge on this Arizona State Park to give honor to veterans through the park's many ceremonies and activities. Spring activities include a living history interpretation and a late 19th Century baseball game.

Lake Havasu State Park- This Arizona state park attracts campers year-round, especially in the winter when temperatures generally remain a steady 70 degrees. Campers love this park for its beautiful Lake Havasu, and its 45 miles of lakefront exploring. The mountains in this park are heaven for rock lovers who often find turquoise, jaspers, geodes, and more. With beaches, campgrounds, boat ramps, and interpretive garden, this is one of Arizona's best state parks.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park- This park is hidden away in a small valley and shielded by a forest of pine trees. The main attraction at this park is the 400-foot-long natural tunnel bridge that is 183 feet high. At its widest point, the Tonto Bridge is 150 feet wide. There are several caves to explore inside the natural bridge, as well as the green valley that surrounds it. Campers can stand on top of the bridge, explore inside the bridge, or hike beneath the bridge.