Colorado State Parks

Colorado is a state of vast differences. The Rocky Mountains tower 14,000-plus feet over the low-lying plains, offering scenery and activities for visitors of all ages and skill levels. There are countless areas in Colorado to discover and explore, with many of these locations located within the Colorado state parks system. Colorado state parks are popular year-round destinations and can be found in nearly every corner of the state.

Colorado has over forty state parks, which are distributed throughout the state. Over eleven million people visit Colorado state parks annually, making them some of the most popular recreational venues in the entire state. The state of Colorado sets aside a good deal of funding each year to improve and maintain the state parks system, with upgrades and maintenance to current parks' features being a key focus in spending efforts. Hundreds of employees and volunteers put in countless hours of time and effort to esure the majesty and quality of the parks to be sure that every visitor gets the most out of their visit to Colorado's state parks.

State parks can be found in nearly every corner of Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park, located in Estes Park, and John Martin Reservior, found in the eastern Colorado plains, are two of the most popular Colorado state parks. Both of these parks draw thousands of visitors each year, but for vastly different reasons. Visitors who enjoy hiking and climbing are best suited to choose state parks located closer to the Rocky Mountains, with those who prefer simple fishing and camping often choose state parks located in flatter plains areas of Colorado.

The activites found in Colorado state parks are as diverse and varied as the state itself. Colorado state parks offer activites ranging from hunting and fishing to boating and back-country skiiing. Most of Colorado's state parks are accessable to visitors year-round, with activites changing to match the weather and the season. Spring and summertime typically offer the largest array of activites, as many trails and campground are inaccessable to normal visitors during foul weather. Watersports are always a popular summertime Colorado activity, with boats and personal watercraft a standard feature at the majority of state parks when the weather is warm enough. Snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling are popular wintertime activites throughout the Colorado state parks system, with thousands of visitors partaking in these types of sports when the snowpack is deep enough.

Colorado's state parks are by far some of the most diverse and most visited destinations within the state. State parks offer a weath of adventures for people of all ages and skill levels, with activites for visitors ranging from the most novice fisherman to the most experienced back-country hiker. Colorado state parks are certainly destinations not to be missed, no matter what your interests are.