Connecticut State Parks

Spending the day on the lake, relaxing on a boat is a great way to spend quality family time over the summer. Connecticut's state parks offer many fabulous areas to enjoy this activity. With the beautiful Connecticut landscape as a backdrop and the crystal waters of the northeastern lakes, these parks provide breathtaking beauty and refreshing fresh air. Whether you prefer a leisurely trip across the lake, a relaxing day of fishing or the excitement of tubing or water skiing, you will be sure to find a place to enjoy them all in Connecticut.

Diversity of Boating

Boating offers you many different recreational activities rolled into one. There are as many different things you can do on a boat as there are styles of boats. Some of the more popular ones are fishing, waterskiing, kayaking, tubing, and sailing. All of these boating activities can be done on the waterways in Connecticut's state parks.

Fishing and boating go hand in hand. While you can fish from the shore, being on a boat adds more fun to the process. Access to deep water fish is an added benefit. Fishing from a boat also gives you the option of fishing on a lake, in a pond, or on a river. All locations produce different species of fish.

For the thrill seekers water skiing and tubing are the boating of choice. Offering speed and fun this boating activity requires a speed boat. While some lakes in the state parks of Connecticut allow speed boats, others do not allow motors over the speed of a trolling motor. Be sure to check the regulations before making your plans.

Extreme thrill seekers choose to try their hand at kayaking down the white water of the many Connecticut rivers. Nothing gets your adrenaline flowing like going one-on-one with the mighty strength of a raging river. Some park locations also offer kayak rentals.

Boating Safety

The most important part of boating, aside from the fun, is the safety factor. Every passenger aboard a boat must have a properly fitting life jacket. Drowning is the primary fatality during boating. Simply wearing a life jacket will greatly decrease the risk of accidental drowning.

Another important of boating safety is making sure all your equipment is functioning properly. If your boat has a motor, be sure it is functioning as it should and not leaking any fluids. If your boat has paddles, be sure the paddles are in good condition and not cracked or rotted.

An additional important factor in boating safety is having the boat operator take a course that teaches safe handling of watercraft. Connecticut offers an award winning program that is considered to be one of the best in the nation. This is yet another reason to choose to enjoy boating in Connecticut's state parks.

This summer, when you are looking for something fun for your family to do together, grab your life jacket and head to one of the many Connecticut state parks and enjoy some quality time on the open water.