Florida State Parks

Florida's state parks have it all-from true southern experiences, to beaches, wildlife preserves, historical areas, and more. Here is a list of the top state parks that campers must visit when camping in the Sunshine State:

Anastasia State Park - This is a very popular Florida state park and campers flock to it year after year. The park has four miles of beach, and a lagoon which serves as a natural hatchery for sea life. This is a place where endangered and threatened species come to survive-especially the Anastasia beach mouse. The mouse received its name because this is the only place on the planet where it lives. Campers love the ancient oak trees that canopy their campsites.

Bahia Honda State Park - This state park is in the Florida Keys and considered a true treasure. This park's Bahia Honda Beach has been named America's Best Beach-and for good reason. Beach frontage at this park is on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Campers will have no shortage of activities to keep them busy. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, sunbathing, and all other forms of water and beach recreation are available.

Eden Gardens State Park- If you want a true southern experience in Florida, consider a visit to this Florida state park. The center point of this park is the Wesley House, an elegant two story home that features a cozy wrap-around porch. The home is surrounded by gardens and beautiful moss-draped oaks that many campers have only seen in the movies. Walking through the grounds of this park, and its Eden Gardens, makes one feel that a hoop skirted lady and dapper dressed gentleman is going to pop out from behind a tree at anytime. Campers that visit this park will feel themselves caught up in the charming lifestyle of the 19th Century.

Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park- This state park is perfect for families and couples who are interested in wildlife. The park primarily serves as a refuge center for West Indian Manatees. Injured and orphaned Manatees are brought here to be rehabilitated. The park hosts an underwater observatory that lets visitors view the park's manatees, and other fish. There is a host of birds and animals in this state park, too. These animals are brought to the park because they can't survive in the wild and the park maintains a natural habitat for them. Some of the animals that visitors may see include the hippopotamus, white tailed deer, western cougar, bobcat, and many more.

Honeymoon Island State Park- This Florida state park is on the state's west coast and is part of the barrier islands. Its 22 acre beach makes it one of the state's top recreational areas. This park attracts visitors who enjoy all beach and water activities-including surf fishing. Birding is a favorite pastime of campers at this park because the park is home to several endangered and threatened bird species, and shore birds.

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park - This park covers 888 acres and is home to the Stephen Foster Museum. Campers can tour the antebellum-style home while their children play outside on the playground. This park offers many trails that are ideal for walkers, horseback riding, or bicycling. Canoeing and kayaking is also available, as is a hiking trail along limestone buffs that overlook the park's river.