Iowa State Parks

Campers who love to camp in the north, and especially during winter months, can't go wrong when choosing campsites in and around Iowa's state parks. Here is a list of Iowa's state parks-some of them will give you unique winter experiences, others will please horse lovers, and others will please those who love to search for wildlife and nature's sweet treats:

George Wyth Memorial State Park- This Iowa state park is very popular in the winter. People flock to this park to snowmobile and ice fish. Another draw to this park is that it connects to a cross-country skiing trail-the Cedar Falls Trail System.

Gull Point Complex - This area in Iowa stands out because it comprises 28 parks in northwest Iowa. Gull Point Complex is popular in the winter for people who want to go ice skating, ice boating, ice fishing, snowmobiling on the lakes and trails, cross-country skiing, and more. If you head to this area in the winter, go prepared to withstand the cold.

Lake Ahquabi State Park- This state park covers 770 acres and is near the Des Moines metro area. This park has a host of recreational activities for campers. Fishermen love this lake and have no problems pulling in bass, crappie, sunfish, and other types of fish. Shoreline fishing is popular with numerous jetties and a covered pier. This park is a favorite because of its 8 miles of walking trails. People also love to come here to mushroom hunt and watch the wildlife.

Lake of Three Fires State Park - The 85-acre Lake of Three Fires is ideal for fishing and boating. The lake is about a mile long and a half mile wide. In addition to fishing being a popular pastime at this Iowa state park, it's also popular for nature photography, hiking and for people who want to harvest nuts, berries, and mushrooms in the parks 691 acres of woodlands. This park is unique in that it features an equestrian campground, in addition to its normal campground.

Pine Lake State Park - This park features a mix of sceneries-from the river to rolling farmlands and woodlands. The park covers 650 acres and has two lakes within its borders. These lakes, and the Iowa River, make this state park an angler's paradise. This park also features seven miles of trails around the lakes for exploring, as well as a 2.5 mile bike trail. Many visitors come to this park to watch the wildlife and to go on mushroom hunts.

Waubonsie State Park- Just like other Iowa state parks, this park is a favorite in the winter because of its breathtaking winter scenery. Visitors who love winter recreation will love this state park. Top draws to this park are snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.