Kansas State Parks

Many of the state parks in Kansas have recently added cabins that are available for guest use. There are over 60 rustic and equipped cabins scattered throughout fifteen of the state parks. These cabins offer visitors a rustic, yet comfortable way to stay while enjoying all the parks have to offer.

Where it All Started

The first cabins that were constructed are located at Cedar Bluff State Park. These primitive cabins provide guests with some of the comforts of home. The primitive structures have beds, tables, and chairs. There are charcoal grills for cooking and wood burning stoves for heating. While these structures are not equipped with electricity, there are solar lights so guests aren't totally in the dark. Staying at one of these two cabins really gives visitors a taste of what roughing it is all about.
Since these cabins may be too rustic for most people, there are three more modern cabins also available. These cabins have everything the rustic ones have, but have some added conveniences. With kitchens equipped with electric stovetops and small refrigerators, the modern cabins offer guests easier living and cooking options. Another added feature is a full bathroom-a must for many guests. These cabins are also climate controlled with both heat and air conditioning. You can reserve a cabin with either one or two bedrooms, depending on the sleeping arrangements you are in need of.

Cross Timbers State Park

The cabins at Cross Timbers State Park are anything but rustic. Equipped with all modern conveniences, these cabins enable visitors to enjoy all the state park has to offer while providing a very comfortable place to stay. Cabin rental is an economical way to stay in the park without having to rough it. Cross Timbers have four of these modern cabins available; Whispering Oaks Cabin, Sandstone Bluff Cabin, Eagle's Nest and Cabin Host.

The Whispering Oaks Cabin is located on Toronto Lake, close to the beach, boat docks, fishing piers, and the hiking trails. This cabin is ADA compliant and is available all year. Included in the amenities are a bathroom with shower, kitchen with stove, fridge and microwave, dishware, and climate control. If you want to reserve this cabin, get your reservation in early as there is generally a year-long waiting list.

Very similar to Whispering Oaks in every other way, the other three cabins are not handicap accessible. They are also located on Toronto Lake and have all the other amenities that are found at Whispering Oaks. Close to the trails, lake, and fishing areas, the cabins offer comfort, convenience, and a unique place to stay while enjoying all the park has to offer.

The newly added cabins add another way to thoroughly enjoy all of what the Kansas state parks have to offer. Be sure to get your reservations in early to be assured the opportunity to stay in these great locations.