Maine State Parks

All of the state parks in Maine are designed to blend in with the seashore, mountains and lakes. With more than 30 parks to choose from, no doubt there will be a few that will become your favorite. Here's a list of the top Maine's state arks for campers:

Baxter State Park- This Maine state sark is large, coming in at 202,064 acres. This wilderness park features Mount Katahdin and the northern boundary of the Appalachian Trail. Eighteen of the park's 46 mountain peaks exceed 3,000 feet above sea level. This expansive park is home to about 175 miles of trails, a hiker's paradise. This park is popular year round, especially in the winter. This is when people come out for winter camping, ice/snow climbing, skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter sports. In addition to the mountain attraction, this state park has a wide array of waterfalls, ponds, streams, lakes, and bogs. Wildlife in this park includes snowshoe hare, bobcat, marten, mink, otter, deer, moose, bear, woodchucks, flying squirrels, lemmings, voles, wood warblers, game birds, ducks, wetland birds, and more. Unlike many state and national park which are made so visitors can see the sites via autos, this park is meant to be seen on foot.

Camden Hills State Park- This is Maine's largest park and it covers 5,700 acres. This park features 30 miles of hiking trails and sweeping views. Campers love this state park because of the views that can be seen atop Mount Battie. This park is perfect for campers because it is only a few miles from Camden where campers can visit the harbor and take cruises.

Popham Beach State Park- This state park covers 529 acres and has a spacious beach and coastal woodlands. This park is home to a wide variety of animals-including deer and the red fox. Campers shouldn't be surprised if they even see a moose. The park's salt marshes are perfect places for birders to spot snowy egrets, eagles, great blue herons, and other species.

Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park - This Maine state park is ideal for campers in the area who want to see varied ecosystems such as rocky shorelines, a forest, and a salt marsh estuary. There are more than five miles of hiking trails through the forest and along the seashore. This park covers 233 acres and is home to the osprey. Visitors should take advantage of programs that are put on the by the park which will enable them to see baby ospreys.