Utah State Parks

Many Utah state parks were listed among Reserve America's award winning parks. These parks are among the best in the nation, so if you are in Utah, spend a day or two checking them out.

Bear Lake State Park- Listed Among the Top 100 Campgrounds

High up in the Rocky Mountains of Utah lies Bear Lake State Park. Visitors to the state park can enjoy a variety of activities, including waterskiing, scuba-diving, sailing, swimming, and more. For those that enjoy fishing, the lake offers many species of fish, such as whitefish, cisco and cutthroat. Camping is offered year round, and you can choose from a variety of sites. There are three different recreation areas, and Bear Lake is host to many annual events all year long.

Goblin Valley State Park-In the Top 25 Most Unique Locations

At Goblin Valley State Park, visitors will wonder whether they are still in Utah or in outer space. Hikers can spend hours climbing thru and around beautifully eroded rock formations and unique coves. The park is home to many who love to use off-road vehicles such as ATV's, through hundreds of miles of dirt roads. Goblin Valley State Park is very well known for being the background of the movie Galaxy Quest.

Anasazi State Park- Within the Top 25 Educational Parks

One of the biggest Ancestral Puebloan communities can be found at Anasazi State Park. It is now called the Coombs Site, and is thought to have been occupied during 1160 to 1235 AD by at least 200 people. Hundreds of structures and artifacts have been unearthed by archeologists, many of which can be seen in the on-site museum. Visitors to Anasazi may also explore the Coombs Site. There are outdoor picnic areas located within the park, with camping facilities found nearby.

Antelope Island State Park- Top 25 Tours and Events

Antelope Island State Park boasts being the biggest island in the Great Salt Lake. It is also the home of a roaming herd of 500 bison, along with pronghorn and bighorn sheep. You can view them all by taking the trails around the park, either by horse, mountain bike, hiking, or cross-country skiing in the winter. The park also holds interesting history and geology, which can be found in the visitor information center of the park.

Hyrum Lake State Park- Top 50 Fishing Spots

For fishing enthusiasts, Hyrum Lake State Park is the place to visit in Utah. The lake is full of rainbow trout, bluegill, yellow perch, and more, perfect for fishing for the whole family. If you don't want to fish anymore, take a ride out on the lake in a boat, or set up camp for the night and roast marshmallows. Hyrum Lake State Park is a fisherman's dream.

The state of Utah is full of state parks that are amazingly unique. Visit one today and have the time of your life.