Washington State Parks

The state of Washington offers an amazing abundance of state parks. You can find dozens of activities for you and the family throughout the parks, so plan on spending your day full of fun and excitement when you visit.

For the Beach Lover

If you love the beach and water, then you will be happy to find a state park in Washington to loll away the day. Belfair State Park offers 63 acres of camping grounds that include over 3,700 feet of saltwater shorelines on the south end. You will enjoy the saltwater tide flats that this state park is most noted for, and can stroll the beautiful beaches. You can also swim in the water in the warmer months.

For tubing, swimming, and whitewater rafting, visit Flaming Geyser State Park and take in the three miles of freshwater shoreline. This park is on 480 acres, and is known for their geysers which are methane seeps. You will love the beautiful and unique sights of Flaming Geyser.

Near the state capital of Olympia rests a 105-acre marine park called Tolmie State Park. This state park offers many activities on the beach, with 1,800 feet of saltwater shoreline. Their most notable feature is the underwater park that was built by many scuba divers.

For the Camper

For camping facilities located at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, pitch your tent in Battle Ground Lake State Park. Enjoy 280 acres of forest land as well as the volcanic originated lake. The scenery is beautiful, and the whole family will enjoy themselves here.

Camp out in Alta Lake State Park, which boasts 181 acres of huge pine forests right on the edge of a desert. For trout fishing in the summer, this state park is the choice. You can also visit Lake Chelan, which is just about 30 minutes away.

Daroga State Park offers its guests 1.5 miles of shoreline within its 90 acres. Enjoy camping and water sport activities while you stay, and be sure to check out the unique desert scablands that the park rests on while you visit the park.

For the Animal Lover

For those who love horses, Bridle Trails State Park offers just what you are looking for. Along with the horse trails and equestrian shows, you can enjoy all 482 acres of beautiful scenery. This state park is near the city of Seattle, and is open for day use.

Although small, McMicken State Park offers interesting alternatives to most parks. Visitors can view an active bald eagle nest when they visit the 11.5 acres, as well as partake in shellfish harvesting. Shellfish harvesters will enjoy the immense population of the shellfish, and can harvest all year round. The park also offers over 1,660 feet of saltwater shorelines, perfect for dropping anchor and enjoying your day out in the clear water.

For fall and early winter wildlife observation activities, visit Rasar State Park. Eagle watching is the most popular activity, although you are sure to come across dozens of other species on this 169 acre camping park. Also enjoy over 4,000 feet of shoreline, great for splashing around in during the warmer months of summer.