Wyoming State Parks

Nothing is more relaxing that a hot tub at the end of a rough day. Nothing, that is unless the hot tub occurs geologically in nature. Hot Springs State Park, a part of Wyoming's state parks system, is located in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Hot Springs

The water that flows over the colorful rock formations at Hot Springs State Parks is naturally heated to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The pools that are formed are fed by naturally occurring underground springs, creating a one of a kind phenomenon. Over time, these mineral springs have formed rock terraces along Big Horn River. Over a 24 hour period, more than 8,000 gallons of this naturally heated water flow over the unique terraces.

The steamy water is piped into the State Bath House. These waters are opened to the public and are maintained at a comfortable 104 degrees, optimizing the healing potential of these warm waters. The Bath House is opened to the public free of charge, although there is a nominal fee if you need to rent a towel or bathing suit.

Colorful Rock Formations

After many years of the mineral rich waters flowing up from underground springs, colorful rock formation were created. These unique formations display the colors of the many minerals that are found in the springs. Some of the formations resemble giant fountains made entirely of rock, from which the water gently trickles down the edges. The sounds create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere.

Visitors can enjoy the colorful display while walking along the boardwalks stretching out on the magnificent terraces. With benches placed along the boardwalk, guests can rest and relax while enjoying the uniqueness of the mineral deposits and the beautiful Wyoming landscape.

Hot Springs State Park

The park has 6.2 miles of hiking trails along with fishing, a boat launch, and comfort stations. There is one group picnic shelter that is available for reservations. While the park is opened for enjoyment year round, it is only opened during the day. There are no camping facilities.

The part also boasts a suspension foot bridge that spans across the Bighorn River. The Swinging Bridge as it is commonly called, offers a great view of the mineral terrace, allowing visitors to enjoy the colors that are present throughout the year. During the fall, when the foliage changes colors, the addition of the mineral colors present a breathtaking site comparable to none other.

Another popular attraction at Hot Springs Park is the bison herd. The Hot Springs herd is the central herd for the Wyoming park system. Visitors that come to the park in the winter and late fall are treated to seeing the majestic beasts close up while they are fed supplements to keep them healthy when their food sources are naturally low.

Be sure to reserve one of the three pavilions available throughout the park in order to enjoy all there is to see at this great park in Wyoming's state parks.