Avoid Snakebites

If the thought of crossing paths with a snake keeps you close to your tent when camping, you are not alone. There are many people who fear snakes. It’s important to understand that most snakes generally won’t bother anyone. They’ll only bite if they feel they are in danger. If snake fears are keeping you from having fun with your fellow campers, there are some things you can do to avoid snakebites while camping.

When you have a camping trip planned, it’s a good idea to research the area where you are camping. Find out what snakes are native to that region and learn as much as you can about each one of them. Researching snakes may not sound like a way to ease your snake fears, but it can be liberating. Finding out about snakes, their habitats, what they look like, whether they are docile or aggressive, and if they are venomous can give you the mental power to overcome your fears. Finding out these things can also give you the information you need to protect yourself so you can avoid snakebites while camping.

Generally speaking, snakes will probably stay out of areas that are well populated, have short grass, and are very open, like many public areas. Of course, there are always exceptions, but snakes generally like to hang out in places that are more prone to have high weeds and brush because they offer good hiding spaces for snakes. Keep your ears on alert when you are camping. If you come too close to a rattlesnake, they will rattle their tail at you as warning. If you do walk trails or go into areas that are not paved, dress appropriately. Wear long socks and pants and some type of hiking boot. This will protect your leg in case you do step on a snake, or a snake strikes you while you are walking.

Never stick your hands into holes in or around trees, or piles of rocks. Snakes may be hiding there. Snakes like to hide in log piles and beneath brush, too. If you are gathering kindling or firewood, use a flashlight to check out the area first. You should also stomp your feet to make some noise. This will alert the snake that you are near and the snake may slither off. If you happen to see a snake, respect its territory. Walk away from it, or around it, and you should be fine.

To keep snakes from entering your tent, keep it zipped up and closed at all times. You should also shake out anything that has been on the ground such as blankets, shoes, bags, and other camping gear before you use it.

Go camping and enjoy yourself. Don’t let the fear of snakes keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. If you do your research you can learn a lot about the snakes that will be in the region you’re camping in and you can take all the necessary steps to avoid snakebites while camping.