Beginners Camping Tips

Are you new to the world of camping? If so keep in mind that the more you camp, the easier it gets. These beginner’s camping tips will help you to have an enjoyable first time camping experience.

If you are taking your family on their very first camping trip you will need to think about the needs of everyone in your camping party. For example an elderly family member may not be able to use the bathroom in the bushes. You should plan to go to a campground that has bathroom facilities nearby your campsite.

First time campers are best suited to camping within an hour of their home. Research the campgrounds that you are interested in and learn if you can reserve your spot. Many campgrounds are based on a first come, first serve policy. If this is the case you’ll need to arrive early enough to get a good spot.

When possible, try to pair up with another family who has been camping before. This makes it very easy to learn the ropes just by watching them. You can see how they set up their campsite, start a fire, and prepare meals.

Before you ever leave home you should test out all of your camping equipment. This is especially important for tents and stoves. Not only will this familiarize you with the setup process, you’ll also find out fast if something doesn’t work.

Make in advance a list of all the supplies that you’ll need while camping. Use this list as your guide when it is time to pack, and you’ll be less likely to forget something.

Learn about the area where you will be camping. Make sure everyone understands the types of clothing and footwear that will be needed. Everyone should also pack rain gear in case of bad weather.

First time campers do better when they try to keep their meals easy. Don’t try fancy campfire cooking on your first trip. Keep it simple and easy and you’ll be less stressed. Learn how to store food properly while you’re camping as this cuts down on the likelihood your camp will be invaded by a wild animal.

When it’s time to go home from your camping trip leave the campsite as you found it. Make sure you leave no sign of your presence behind you. This includes making sure your campfire is completely cool. You shouldn’t drive away from a campsite that still has hot coals.