Boy Scout Camping

Boy scout camping is always fun, but there are several activities that could make for a more enjoyable experience. When planning a Boy Scout camping trip it is important to consider what badges, belt loops, or pins you may be able to work towards with activities performed during your trip. Providing enjoyable activities that will also help the boy's earn their rewards will make the camping trip even more fun, and will allow everyone to get involved.

Campfire Cooking

This is an activity that many Boy Scouts enjoy doing. Cooking a dinner of soups, vegetables, and meats over the campfire will not only teach the boys how to camp outdoors, but it also meets one of the requirements for their cooking merit badge. Let all the boys get involved, but be sure to have the adults supervise. S'mores are a great way to treat the boys after they have finished their hard work.


Hiking doesn't always sound like the most enjoyable thing to do. You can make your Boy Scout camping trip more fun when you have the boys complete a litter treasure hunt, nature scavenger hunt, or have a contest to see who can identify the most animals. All of these activities will make the hike more enjoyable, and will help the boys earn merit badges along the way. For instance to complete their camping merit badge one of the requirements that needs to be met is to hike up a mountain at least 1,000 vertical feet, they might as well have fun while they are doing it.


Going fishing on your Boy Scout camping trip can add an extra touch of fun too, and the fish you catch can be used to help cook that night's dinner. Fishing with the boys will help them to complete their fishing merit badge in which they must catch at least two different kinds of fish. Be sure to teach the boys all about the different types of fish in the area, several campgrounds and state parks will often have a chart available at the visitor's center if you ask.


It may sound silly but contrary to what the Boy Scouts will tell you, they do enjoy campfire singing. Whether you are singing a song from the boy scout handbook or a camp song that you picked up along the way, singing is a great way to get the boys laughing, involved, and will help them to earn their music merit badge. Songs with silly lyrics or actions are the best to get the boys up and having fun. If you give the boys advance notice they could each create their own song and sing it for the group as well.


Navigating a boat is a rare treat for most boys. Learning how to properly use and paddle a canoe will allow the boys to work towards their canoeing merit badge, and will provide an excellent way for them to explore the area you are camping at too. This is also a perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of water safety measures and first aid care. The boys will have a blast learning how to paddle a boat, and it will help them to bond by working together to move the boat in the right direction.

Boy scout camping doesn't have to be dull and repetitive, it can be a fun and enjoyable learning experience when you include the right activities. Letting the boys know that the activities they are doing while camping will help them earn their various merit badges, will make the boy scout camping trip even more fun. So plan some exciting activities and help your next Boy Scout camping trip be the best ever.