Activities for Around the Camp Fire

A camping trip is really not complete without at least one evening camp fire. There is something especially soothing about the combination of crackling wood, dancing flames, and a canopy of stars that will help to ease the tension of just about anyone. While you can simply sit back and enjoy the ambiance in silence, there are also several fun activities that will add another element of fun to your time around the fire.

For families, the camp fire can be a place to enjoy a real conversation. With working parents and kids with all sorts of after school activities, it is hard to find time for everyone to sit down and talk about what is happening or ask others in the family how they feel about a given subject. The relaxed atmosphere of the camp fire can be a great motivator to help both adults and children open up with one another and strengthen those important family ties.

Whether camping with family or friends, a good story is always welcome around a camp fire. If one member of the camp is a gifted storyteller, others may choose to lean back and enjoy the tale as it unfolds. For groups that do not have a storyteller in residence, taking a build-it-as-you go approach can lead to all sorts of fun.

Building your own story begins with someone starting off the story, creating a basic setting and introducing a couple or characters. After a moment or two, another person takes up the thread of the story. Slowly the story makes the rounds of the campers, with each camper adding his or her own elements to the storyline. Once the story works back around to the originator, he or she has the privilege of coming up with an ending. With the right mix of people, building your own story can provide an hour of hilarity or suspense with the greatest of ease.

Singing around a camp fire has been a common means of entertainment for centuries. Since you are in the woods, nobody cares if none of the campers can achieve perfect pitch. Use the time to teach the kids some songs from you’re your youth, or enjoy time honored camp fire songs. While some members of the party may find this activity a little dated or hokey at first, it is surprising how many people finally give in and participate.