camping cabins

If you are planning to get away to the great outdoors, but you are aren’t quite ready to be one with nature, you have options. Cabin camping is becoming a popular trend for those who want the camping adventure without all of the elements.

Most novice campers are likely not equipped with all of the camping gear and necessities necessary to rough it in the forest. It can be very expensive to outfit yourself and your family for a successful camping vacation.

If you prefer not to pitch a tent, or unroll your sleeping bag in the sand, a camping cabin rental might be appropriate for your adventure. Cabins usually provide more room than tents and can accommodate entire families. If you are not ready for the full outdoor camping experience and everything that comes along with it, camping cabins allow you to close the door on wild animals, insects, noisy neighbors, wind and rain.

Ranging from simply basic to fully-equipped cabins, you can select the level of comfort you prefer. Basic camping cabins generally include wooden floors and beds only. More comfortable cabins might include a bathroom, shower, kitchenette, microwave, and even televisions. Larger cabins may have separate rooms, tables and chairs, and other furniture.

While you aren’t technically “roughing it,” camping cabins provide a great outdoor camping experience. Many state national parks and campgrounds offer camping cabin rentals. The cabins are usually well maintained and situated among the trees in close proximity to activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, and national parks. Outside areas may include fire pits and barbeques for gatherings and campfires.

Remote camping cabins are also available for hiking trips, or solitary camping along a river or mountaintop. Specialty cabins are available for romantic getaways or themed vacations.

Cabins provide benefits for campers with special needs or small children. They provide the added convenience comfort and privacy that a cot or tent does not.

Camping cabins are ideal for bike and motorcycle travelers who do not have the means to travel with a lot of supplies. For families who are traveling long distances, cabins are a fun and reasonable alternative than staying in a hotel along your travel route.

You can book camping cabins through campground memberships and reservation agents, national park services, campsite organizations and private owners. Searching online for your camping destination will provide you with locations and information on available camping cabins in the area you are staying. Many sites will allow you to book reservations easily and securely online. These sites will likely also provide comprehensive information on the area, activities and sights, maps, and photographs.

Camping in cabins allows you to combine the benefits of the comforts of home with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Whether you are an experienced camper or not a camper at all, you can find a great adventure.