Camping Tips for Women Who Have Never Been Camping

Must Have Camping Gear and Personal Items

If you’re a woman and you’ve been talked into going on a camping trip, you may be feeling a little anxious. Visions of nappy hair, biting bugs, oily skin, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, and tasteless food may be dancing in your head. Here are some camping tips for women who have never been camping which are sure to ease your anxiety.

Insist that the tent you’ll be sleeping in is a weather proof tent. Bypass the tents that say rain resistant or weather resistant. If a rainstorm comes and lasts for hours, these tents will not hold up. Weather proof tents are a bit more expensive, but they are well worth the investment.

Sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping bag can take a toll on your body and attitude. Sleep deprivation can turn the happiest campers into grouches. An air mattress is a must on a camping trip. It can make a huge difference in your sleep quality.

Insect repellent and candles are a must on a camping trip in the summer, especially if you’ll be camping in the woods or around streams. Smell the repellant sprays and lotion before making a purchase. There are many that don’t smell harsh.

Take along enough drinking water to get you through the entire trip. Account for all the water you’ll use—including water to make coffee, wash your face, and brush your teeth.

Don’t forget toilet paper, baby wipes, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, washcloths and towels, and disposable razors. Take a bathing suit in case your only option for bathing is in a nearby creek or stream. Leave the majority of your makeup at home. Pack some light foundation, lip gloss, and mascara so you don’t have to walk around with a naked face though.

Unless you’re in a campground that has showers, you might as well give up trying to keep a nice hairstyle. Go ahead and come to terms with the fact that your hair probably won’t be at its best on your camping trip. Wear a baseball hat or the hair pulled back in a pony tail.

If you think you will have trouble going to sleep at night, bring along a book light and a novel, magazine, or something else you’d like to read. If the sound of nature at night sends shivers up your spine bring along some headphones and music.

Whether you’ll turn into a natural camper or not, camping doesn’t have to be torturous. With a little planning you can be quite comfortable and show everyone that you’re a good sport.