Country in a Camper

The best way to experience all that the US has to offer is to tour it in a camper. Fostering family togetherness, camping across the country allows families an inexpensive way to travel. The cost of staying at campgrounds is much less expensive than staying in motels while making your way across the country. The money that is saved on lodging can be used to go to more places.

Choosing a Camper

There are many options to consider when choosing a camper for your trip. The first decision you must make is how you plan on towing your camper. If you don't own a truck or SUV, you may want to consider a motor home. These self sustaining vehicles often come with more comfort options available, but also have a higher price tag. You will also need to consider towing a car for you to use when you reach your destination. Many motor homes are too large and cumbersome to drive between your points of interest.

Trailer campers also present consumers with many options. This choice usually depends upon the vehicle you have to tow the trailer. The larger campers require more powerful vehicles to tow them. If you own a smaller truck, SUV, or large car, you may want to consider purchasing a pop-up camper. Since they are very compact and light weight, pop-up campers can be pulled with smaller vehicles and require less gas to pull.

Another aspect of choosing a camper that is dictated by your budget is whether to purchase a new or pre-owned camper. When you purchase new, you are able to customize all your options and design a camper that perfectly suits your family's needs. Pre-owned campers are easy to find and vary in options and price. You need to consider your family's needs and how much use you plan to get out of your camper.

Plan Your Route

When planning your route, you must take into consideration how much time you will have for your trip. Since you will be taking a camper, you need to figure in your travel time. For example, if you only have two weeks and you live on the east coast, it is not feasible to think you can travel to the Grand Canyon and spend a week there. You must factor in the time it will take to get there and back home.

Before starting out, decide what sights you would like to see the most. The country is full of natural sites, historical landmarks, and other points of interest. Determine what area of the country you would like to spend the most time in. Travel books and internet web sites are great resources to use for this step. Be sure to include sites that each member of your family will find interesting.

Touring the country in a camper is a great way to see our beautiful country while spending quality time with your family. Campers give you all the comforts of home and the experiences of staying in the great outdoors. With campgrounds scattered around the country, camping across America is not only possible, but it is best way to get the most out of your trip.