Family Camping Trip

There is nothing on earth like a family camping trip to bring the family together. This is a great time to get away from the world, enjoy evening chats, campfire stories, and actually get to know one another without the constant distractions of technology invading your family time. Make sure you leave the mp3 players, televisions, laptops, and cell phones at home or at the very least turned off as much as possible so that you can really enjoy the spirit of getting back to nature.

If you've never experienced a family camping trip or it has been a while there are a few things you will want to bring to make your time outdoors a great deal more pleasant. The first thing on your must-bring list is sunscreen. This is essential not only in protecting the skin of all members of your family but also in keeping spirits up. No one is in a good mood when suffering the effects of sunburn.

Another thing you will want to have readily and liberally available is bug repellent. There are many forms of bug repellent available and it's probably a great idea to bring a few along with you for backup. In addition to being uncomfortable, bugs carry potentially deadly diseases. You want to take every possible precaution against them.

The next thing to include in your kit is some sort of anti-itch lotion. Bugs provide the potential for itchy skin but there are plenty of other itchy encounters easily found while camping. Among those encounters are poison oak and ivy. Be sure that everyone in your family knows what these plants look like and to avoid them.

Make sure you bring some entertainment in the event of rain. No one wants to think about rainy days on camping trips but they have been known to happen. Unfortunately tight quarters with the entire family can rob you of those happy feelings you may be expecting from your travels. If you bring along board games, craft projects, and other activities to keep the family busy, even when it's raining you will have a better overall experience. Best case scenario, they never get unpacked but it's nice to have them on hand if they are needed.

One final thing that you will want to make sure you do during your camping trip is to add something special for each member of the family that comes along. Give them all their own disposable camera, gallon size freezer bag, and notebook so that they can write about the experience, collect small treasures to take home with them (make sure there are no live treasures in these bags), and take pictures of the things they want to remember. Even the youngest member of the family can find something special to remind them of their trip.

The real joy of a family camping trip is in the fact that you are spending time together. There are no soccer practices, cell phone interruptions, or business meetings to take your time away from your family. Make the best of your camping trip and build memories to last a lifetime.