Geocaching in Ohio

Geocaching is an outdoor sporting type of activity that involves using a handheld GPS unit to locate GPS coordinates where a cache has been placed. In simplest terms, geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. The caches are typically small, waterproof containers that usually contain a logbook and small trinkets. Treasure hunters can record the date and time they found the cache and can exchange any interesting items for one of their own.

Geocaching has become wildly popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts in locations across the globe and Ohio is no exception. Geocaching in Ohio can be done in state parks, urban settings, and suburban neighborhood parks all across the state. Numerous websites supply the GPS coordinates categorized by zip codes and it's easy to get started.

The sheer nature of geocaching makes it a fun activity for families because kids love it. Incorporating high-tech devices like a Global Positioning System (GPS) with the thrill of hide-n-seek is a no-brainer for today's tech-savvy kids. To get started, simply purchase a simple handheld GPS unit, many of which cost under $100.00, and learn to program coordinates. Coordinates can be found online.

Geocaching in Ohio is as simple as selecting a location, whether downtown Dayton or a remote state park, and then programming your coordinates and heading out. If you are already a planning a trip to one of Ohio's numerous state parks, obtain coordinates of nearby locations. Most every state park in Ohio has at least one cache somewhere within its borders. If you live in Ohio, start by finding coordinates near you.

Geocaching in Ohio is not just for the experienced, in fact, one state park in Ohio offers beginners a chance to test the waters. Salt Fork Resort and Conference Center located in Cambridge in Southeast Ohio is operated by Xanterra Parks and Resorts and offers geocaching packages for families. Packages include an overnight stay in the lodge and geocaching with provided GPS units, amongst other amenities, including popcorn and a movie or breakfast for two.

If the idea of treasure hunting and exploring on your own terms is more appealing, you can venture out to hundreds of cache locations. Some caches are hidden along the miles of bike trails in Ohio and others are well-disguised amongst brush and other natural elements of vast state parks. Whether you prefer to head out on bicycle, pack a backpack and hike, or walk urban streets seeking public places, geocaching in Ohio promises fun for everyone.

With so many varied locations to explore, geocaching in Ohio provides outdoor enthusiasts with the chance to combine exploration of the great outdoors with the thrill of a treasure hunt. While the hidden treasure isn't of any monetary value, the experience can provide priceless together time for families.