Jayco Camper

Nothing is more American than a family vacation at a state park in a camper. For decades, parents have packed up the kids, the dog, and more stuff than they could ever need, and headed to the lake for a week of "roughing it". For the last forty years, the camper of choice for many families has been the Jayco camper.

History of the American Tradition

Founded in 1968 by Lloyd J. Bontrager, Jayco is a true American success story. It all began because this hard working farmer decided he could provide the world with a better built RV. With the encouragement of his wife Bertha, Lloyd began to build his prototype camper in the barn and chicken houses on his farm. He started with the fold-down campers and designed a unique lift system. This basic design is still in use today.

The first year he was in business, he and his 15 employees built and sold 132 fold-down campers. Jayco now sells over 25,000 campers a year and has over 1,600 employees. Although the quantity has changed significantly, the quality hasn't. The company still abides by the high standards set by the founder forty years ago.

Styles of Jayco Campers

While Mr. Bontrager started his successful company building just fold-down campers, Jayco now offers a wide variety of camper styles. Remaining among the most popular options, the camping trailers feature the original, fully enclosed lift system. This design ensures protection from rust and dirt build-up that causes other systems to fail. There are three lines available, the Jay Series, the Baja, and the Select. Since they offer different optional features, there are campers available for all budgets.

Another popular option is the Light Weight Travel Trailers. Since they are constructed with extremely light and rigid frames, combined with walls, roof and floors made of their patented TuffShell vacuum bonded ultra light weight material, these trailers are extremely aerodynamic to tow. With four available option lines, you don't have to give up comfort to get lightweight and great tow ability.

For those that desire a full-size camper will all the luxuries of home, Jayco offers travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes. With many different floor plans, you can customize your camper to specifically suit your family's needs. They pay special attention to details to provide you with a home-on-wheels experience. These campers are designed to require very little maintenance so you can relax and enjoy your time on the road.

Jayco also offers campers designed with the toy lover in mind. Available in travel trailer, fifth wheel and motor home designs, the Toy Hauler line offers an integral garage for parking your toys in while you are on the road. With a spring-assisted ramp door, these campers offer an area with a non-skid surface and sufficient loading capacity for whatever you want to take with you.

If you are looking to engage in the national pastime of camping, consider purchasing a Jayco camper and go in style. Still offering the same quality and value that Mr. Bontrager insisted on forty years ago, Jayco remains the best selling campers on the market.