KOA Campgrounds

There is one name that is widely associated with camping in the United States. That name is KOA Campgrounds. They have developed an excellent reputation for providing a safe and family-friendly atmosphere for camping across the country. You will find a wide range of differences from one KOA Campground to the next but you will have a difficult finding a chain of campgrounds that is more committed to providing a safe and clean place for your family to have a grand adventure in the great outdoors.

Tent Camping

Most KOA campgrounds provide excellent locations that are ideally suited for tent camping. In addition they also offer full service facilities that include showers for those who are using their grounds for tent camping. Requirements for tent size, number of campers per pitch, and included amenities will vary between locations so be sure to check with each location before making reservations.

RV Camping

KOA Campgrounds are famous for providing excellent RV Camping accommodations. In addition to offering setups for RV camping some KOA Campgrounds actually offer RV rentals. These tend to fill up quite early in the season so be sure to book early if you are interested in renting one of their RVs. Many campers are also delighted to discover that KOA Campgrounds also offers financing for RV Campers. If you rent one and decide you really want to do this more often then you may want to consider using their financing program.


There are many types of cabins available at various KOA Campgrounds across the country. Make sure you know the differences before you book expecting one thing only to discover something entirely different. Most KOA Campground cabins are not going to be the most luxurious of accommodations. There are some very nice cabins available at many of their campgrounds as well as quite a few basic camper cabins, which are little more than a shelter from sun, wind, and rain. It is always better to have realistic expectations.

KOA Value Kard

KOA Campgrounds reward loyal customers who are willing to purchase their rewards card by offering a discount on all rentals. This card offers further value in that you earn points for camping with KOA campgrounds which can then be redeemed for money towards your next KOA camping experience. It's rare that cards such as this not only offer a discount but also offer rewards. You generally get one or the other.

KOA Campgrounds offers a wide range of amenities. They will vary from one campground to the next and may include some of the following: wireless Internet, free wireless Internet, fitness centers, swimming pools, mini golf, fishing, and bicycle rentals. This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives you a general idea of what you may find at the KOA Campground where you will be camping. If you are interested in camping on your next vacation KOA Campgrounds may have what you need in a campground.