New Jersey Beach Camping

When it comes to beach camping, New Jersey is one of the best destinations in the northeastern states. Whether you want the bustle and hustle of young beaches featuring concerts and surfing, or you are looking for a relaxed getaway near small sea towns, the 127 miles of coastline on New Jersey are sure to have at least one spot for you.

Where to Camp
Beach camping in New Jersey extends all the way from Sandy Hook in the Long Branch area, to The Cove in Cape May. In between, are 45 other beaches, many of which allow camping, either in tents or RVs. Some also have rental cabins available. Most of the places will offer some set-up tents if you don't have your own equipment, so this is a great option even if you only possession is a sleeping bag and some cooking tools. There are few to none actual opportunities to sleep right on the beach, as the coastline is highly protected by the National Parks Association. Instead, most "beach" camping is actually done in campgrounds near the beach-sometimes just a few meters away.

If you're heading to the south of the state, the area near Atlantic City and Cape May are popular destinations for especially popular with campers. The Butterfly Camping Resort and The Beachcomber Camping Resort in the area are great, inexpensive options near the water. A little up the Jersey Shore, you can find lots of camping opportunities for families whose love is divided between the beach and the forests and hills. The Stokes State Forest, for example, is near the Kittatinny Ridge, with sandy areas that are great for swimming and sunbathing.

For more specific information about different campgrounds and area camping, you can call the NJ Ocean Beach Information Hotline at 1-800-648-SAND, where you will also have access to data about water quality, surfing tides, and whether or not a certain beach is open.

Entertainment Options
Camping near the New Jersey shore is a great way to have easy access to lots of fun activities. From casinos to spas to wineries, the Jersey coastline offers entertainment for the whole family. If you want to stay within the reach of the beach, you can enjoy the waters by taking a cruise of the coast, riding a bike on the boardwalk and surfing the area. Driving into local towns is a great way to spend an evening having a good meal or shopping for marshmallows you can roast back at the campground.

The town of Sea Isle City is a pristine destination for beach touring and water sports. While there are no camping facilities in the area, lots of campgrounds are located within a 10-minute distance of the town and the beaches. The Outdoor World Lake & Shore is especially popular with families because of its water park, 12 acre lake and many pools. If you prefer a more quiet destination, try the Pine Haven Campground, which offers cabin and rental units for those who don't feel like roughing it for more than a couple of nights.