Scenic Campgrounds

There are thousands of campgrounds located throughout the United States but some offer more than others. As far as scenery is concerned there are certain campgrounds that offer picturesque views all year long. These campgrounds are a great choice for those seeking idyllic hiking experiences, natural sites for painting or sketching, or beautiful areas to photograph. Regardless of your reasons for visiting these campgrounds, the scenery found at each one will leave you breathless.

Kirk Creek Campground, California

The Kirk Creek Campground is located on California's magnificent Big Sur coastline within the Los Padres National Forest. The mixture of beach side views and shadows cast by the Santa Lucia Mountain Range make this an ideal location for those who wish to explore the best of both worlds.

The 34-site campground offers both tent and RV camping, and rests on top of a 100-foot ledge overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Some of the best views of the area can be seen right from your campsite, and makes this a great location for lovers of both land and water.

Cimarron Campground, New Mexico

Cimarron campground offers its visiting travelers a look at the Wild West as it was many years ago. Located within the Valle Vidal Wildlife Management Unit at Carson National Forest, animals roam free here and can be observed in their natural environment.

Close to creeks that provide great fishing opportunities and within the park that provides a look into the days of long ago, this campgrounds 35 sites sit on top of a secluded grassy hill. The Cimarron campground it a great destination for wildlife photographers, or those who are interested in studying areas as they once were. The miles and miles of thriving grassland provides a beautiful setting for the thousands of animals that call this area home.

Blanchard Springs Campground, Arkansas

If you are a cavern enthusiast or enjoy clear mountain views then the Blanchard Springs campground has the scenery to fit the bill. This 32-site campground located in a forest setting around the North Sylamore Creek, provides hidden mountain views and beautiful wildlife pictures from within its woodsy home.

Located only two miles away from the Blanchard Springs Caverns which were formed many years ago due to the runoff from the Ozark Mountains, the campground is within walking distance of this glorious site. The cavern is a living cave, which means there is new scenery available each time you visit.

Mountain Meadow Campground, Montana

The Mountain Meadow Campground offers unlimited scenic views of the glorious Lewis Mountain range near the Canadian border. The breathtaking Glacier National Park is only a few minutes away from this pristine little campground that offers both RV and cabin camping. Beautiful sunsets over the mountain range, wildlife seen in its preserved natural setting, and quiet fishing on clear lakes are just some of the sights that this quiet mountainside campground offers.

Zion River Resort Campground, Utah

Nestled in the valley of the red rock cliffs of Utah, this stunning campground provides scenic desert views. Located only minutes from Zion National Park, you are free to explore the red rock formations and desert wildlife that the area has to offer.

A short distance away the remarkable Coral Pink Sand Dunes can be found for a change of scenery. With their smooth curving lines the Coral Pink Sand Dunes offer a sharp contrast to the jagged cliffs that surround them, and are a site not to be missed.

Although there are many great recreational campgrounds in the United States, there are a few that stand alone when it comes to providing the best breathtaking views that this country has to offer. Staying at any one of these campgrounds provides you with views that can't be seen anywhere else in the world.