Things That Could Happen to your RV

Vacationing in a recreational vehicle can be really fun and exciting but there are times when these trips can be the source of great stress. Consider the ten worst things that could happen to your RV and possible ways to remedy each situation. This can help you plan while leaving room for the unexpected.

The burners in your RV's refrigerator have dirty burners that make the entire system fail. You can try to schedule someone to fix the fridge while you are on the road or use ice coolers. Plan before you leave and make sure the burners are clean. If you forget, some RV insurance can cover this type of mishap.
Your holding tank is in desperate need of maintenance. It continually reads that the tank is full even after you empty it. The probes inside the unit may be contaminated with tissue and debris.
Your propane-or LP-system fails. This is a relatively common problem since these systems are so volatile. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that the LP system runs safely and effectively.
Broken windows can be a terrible problem when you are traveling in your recreational vehicle. Accidents can happen because of rocks hitting your windshield or you may break a window in your RV while playing or cleaning.
Flat tires make the list of the worst things that can happen to your RV. A flat tire puts you in a miserable situation no matter what vehicle you drive but it is at its worst when you are handling a large machine moving at high speeds. Changing tires on a recreational vehicle can be a nightmare, too.
Front-end wander and rear-end sway are phenomenon that can be very stressful while you are in an RV. It is very difficult to get the vehicle back in control. This dangerous situation can lead to a serious accident and damage.
Rut tracking disturbing up-and-down osculating motions can also lead to accidents in a recreational vehicle. You may experience damage to the undercarriage of the RV or an accident.
You can also experience damage when you try to fit your recreational vehicle into some places. Low bridges and tight parking spaces are challenges that threaten damage to the RV and other vehicles in the vicinity. Being stuck in a tight situation can lead to hours of vacation misery.
Low power lines can also serve as sources of distress when you are on the road. Getting tangled in power lines is a particularly dangerous predicament that can lead to damage to the lines and to your vehicle.
Personal injury is among the 10 worst things that can happen to your RV. This is the most significant problem that you may face. You can replace or repair property but your precious cargo requires extra care.

You simply cannot avoid some situations. Taking a wrong turn down an unknown road can put you at risk for a dangerous position. Plan your route and make sure that your recreational vehicle is properly maintained.

The best way to assure that your trip is relatively hassle-free is to have the proper insurance. RV insurance policies offer relief for accidents, mishaps, and injury. Peace of mind is one thing that you want to take with you on any trip in your recreational vehicle.