Delaware Campgrounds

Delaware’s campgrounds can offer a great deal to families and friends. Some of the top Delaware state parks including the Killens Pond, Lums Pond, Delaware Seashore, Cape Henlopen, and Trap Pond State Parks are so popular that it is recommended for you to book your reservations in advance. During off peak-season you can go there by making your reservations by as little as one day in advance. Almost all popular Delaware campground offer modern shower facilities, drinking water, and sewage dumping areas.

Aside from the five campgrounds mentioned above, you might want to visit some of the scenic Delaware campgrounds outlined below as well:

Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area (Canoe-in campground)

The shallow Delaware River seems calm and serene. It looks so harmless that it hardly seems strong enough to wash a sandbar away. But centuries ago, this body of water actually carved a 30 mile long and 1,100-foot-deep gorge in the Kittatinny Ridge. Canoeists have always loved this area since the days of the Native Americans and with the number of visitors flocking to the area every year, it is likely to remain that way for many years to come.

Camp Taylor Campground

Located at the Ridge of Kittatinny Mountains, this hillside private campground offers a great mixture of attractions. Camp Taylor has primitive sites for tenting that are both shaded and spacious at the same time. Another reason why Camp Taylor is frequented by campers is its proximity to the 70,000-acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Center.

Harmony Ridge Campground

The Harmony Ridge Campground is one of the few campgrounds that offers tent camping. Most private campsites cater to trailer campers and RV campers but the Harmony Ridge Campground is different because they designate "tents only" areas for avid tent campers as well.

High Point State Park

The High Point State Park literally lives up to its name. The 1,803-foot-tall mountain is New Jersey's highest point and the park sits at the northern part of the state. Campers who visit the site can experience breathtaking scenery that will make their camping adventure simply unforgettable.

Stephens State Park

The Stephens State Park has 40 campsites for you to choose from. The location of this state park lies unobtrusively in a valley near the ruins of Morris Canals along the Musconetcong River. Most sites in the Stephens State Park are private.

Jenny Jump State Forest

For campers who want to enjoy forest solitude with the modern conveniences of plumbing, the Jenny Jump State Forest is the perfect destination. This campsite remains unrivaled throughout the whole state. On the other hand, Jenny Jump also has three wilderness sites for adventurous individuals who want to experience the outdoors at its most primitive.

  • Fenwick Island
    • Lost Lands RV Park - (302) 436-9450
  • Houston
    • G and R Campground - (302) 398-8108
  • Lewes
    • Tall Pines Campground - (302) 684-0300
  • Lincoln
    • Cedar Creek Landing Campground - (302) 703-4142
  • Long Neck
    • Leisure Point Resort - (302) 945-2000
  • Millsboro
    • Holly Lake Campsites - (302) 945-3410
  • Ocean View
    • Bayshore Campsites - (302) 539-7200
    • Sandy Cove Campground - (302) 539-6245
  • Rehoboth Beach
    • 3 Seasons Camping Resort - (800) 635-4996
  • Smyrna
    • J & R Camping - (302) 653-5003
  • Townsend
    • Odessa Campground - (302) 378-4111
  • West Fenwick Island
    • Treasure Beach RV Park - (302) 436-8001