The Great Outdoors

Many people enjoy being in the great outdoors. Taking advantage of all that nature has to offer can help you to get exercise and spend quality time with friends and family.

Two activities that can be fun for just about anyone are backpacking and hiking. There are trails in every state, and they vary in intensity, length, and terrain. Some safety considerations when deciding where and when to hike include choosing an appropriate trail for your fitness level and packing your backpackfor maximum efficiency and minimum weight.

More adventurous people might enjoy rock climbing. Rock climbing depends on physical as well as mental strength. A variety of equipment, from shoes and appropriate clothing, to harnesses and rope, is necessary.

A favorite outdoor activity of families, as well as Boy and Girl Scouts, is camping. This can be done as “roughing it” in a tent, or in a camper that may have luxuries such as a television, telephone, and even wireless Internet service. Some safety considerations when camping include packing a first aid kit, being very cautious with campfires, and being aware of potential hazards.

Biking is an activity that families can enjoy together. You can go biking around your neighborhood, in areas that are new to you, or on biking trails all over the U.S. and Canada. There are special safety guidelines for children in particular, including choosing the right bike and using helmets and other safety gear.

For those who love water, some popular outdoor sports include rafting and fishing. There are several types of these activities. Rafting can include white-water rafting with waves and without, as well as exploration rafting. Fishing can run the gamut from ice fishing to freshwater fishing while standing on the bank of a pond, to deep sea fishing from a boat. There are also different sailing experiences available, from sailing small boats to sailing tall ships.

Whichever you prefer, outdoor activities are an excellent way to enjoy nature and get some fresh air. Enjoy the outdoor season where you live for relaxation and fun, as well as the health benefits of getting enough sun and exercise.