Happy Turkey Day from AllCampgrounds! Our Holiday Wish List …

November 25, 2011
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Wild turkeys

Wild turkeys
Photo by: Yousif Waleed (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds!

You know, for the holidays, even hardcore tent campers like us have to come indoors for turkey, ham, stuffing, and all the rest.

Just a bit ago, we discussed some things we’re thankful for in the camping world.

Now, as we snooze off another terrific holiday meal, it’s time to look ahead to the peak of the winter holiday season and ask: just what would AllCampgrounds want from Camping Santa this year?

Join us for a little more holiday fun, won’t you?

On our wish list this year:

An Incredible Winter Tent: WinterTrekking.com introduced us to the SnowTrekker Tent, designed from door to floor with the challenges of winter camping in mind. Of course, for the most authentic winter camping experience around, you can always build an igloo: we covered that in a previous post, too. But for those who want to stay warm and stay outdoors all winter long, but who aren’t ready to shave their own blocks of ice and snow, the SnowTrekker looks like a great alternative. We’ll be grabbing one for next year and testing it out with a little backyard camping in October before the freeze hits.

A Full-Service Camping Trip in Hawaii: Hawaii is a destination that combines the best of travel with the best of camping. True, tent camping is a bit easier to pull off in most places around the islands, but RV campers can also find campsites with incredible views, and everyone can visit some beautiful biomes: white sand beaches, extinct volcanoes, and a bunch of other good stuff. Because most folks will only be visiting temporarily, it might be smart to look for a tour operator rather than go it alone. Hawaii Camping Adventures is near the top of our list, with packages for families, leisure, and extreme camping.

A Visit to the Grand Canyon: We love Yellowstone National Park, but there’s a darn good argument to be made that Arizona’s Grand Canyon is America’s most iconic view. EveryTrail.com is offering a brand new guide to Great Hikes in the Grand Canyon, which you can download directly to your smartphone. Of course, the Canyon hike isn’t for everyone, so you might want to team up with a trusty steed for a Grand Canyon mule ride. That would probably be our preference, too! Naturally, some folks are bound to brave the trail the old-fashioned way, so be sure to bone up on your safety precautions with a slew of articles like Summer Grand Canyon Hiking Tips.

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