Igloo Camping: Could This be the Ultimate Winter Camping Experience?

November 4, 2011
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Self-made igloo

Self-made igloo
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Welcome back to AllCampgrounds!

You know, one of the best things about camping is how creative it is.

RV campers and tent campers alike are always finding new ways to enjoy and learn about nature.

What better way to “Leave No Trace” than bring back one of the oldest and most eco-friendly ways of camping?

If you never let winter stop you from getting outside, then AllCampgrounds has the great idea you’re waiting for: igloo camping. Sound impossible? It may be easier than you think!

A Little Bit About Igloos

Many folks traditionally associate igloos with Arctic societies like the Inuit of Alaska. It might seem strange that a dwelling made of snow and ice can actually keep you warm, but it’s actually true, and HowStuffWorks has it covered with this article: How an Igloo Works. Igloos are usually used only for hunting purposes, not as homes; but the igloo makes for a surprisingly well-insulated and weatherproof shelter you can learn to make.

What About Igloo Camping?

How to Build an Igloo: The basic form and construction of an igloo are both surprisingly close to how you may imagine it. That said, though, igloo design shares a few important points with all campgrounds: location is everything. Since you probably don’t have a nearby snow field cold or solid enough to cut ice blocks from, you’ll also need plastic boxes or another mold to shape your “bricks” before you get started building.

Camp Igloo: Hearing the pros and cons of igloo camping from real igloo builders will help you figure out whether this is right for you. Naturally, igloos are usually set up in the backcountry, and many areas can only support them in the cold of winter. It’s fairly warm inside, safe to cook, and offers great sleeping conditions … but don’t replace your all weather tent if you want to make frequent trips out. Putting up an igloo is tough work!

Igloo Mania: A thorough piece, beginning with how two friends got started with igloos, and going on to offer an in-depth peek into the world of igloo camping, including a step-by-step narration of the whole construction process. Eight pages of detailed information; how to pick spots, create your igloo, get the most of it, and improve on it. A very interesting article – and it shows how igloo camping can grow on you!

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