Campers on Your Christmas List? A Peek at Best Gifts 2011

December 16, 2011
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Winter in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin
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Hello and welcome back to AllCampgrounds!

You know, as much as we all love camping, it’s a fact that just about nobody spends the holiday season in the wilds: you have to come in for all the celebrations, even if you spent all kinds of time building your own igloo to extend the camping season that much longer!

But that doesn’t mean that we just forget about camping or that there aren’t any campers on our holiday shopping list.

So, today, we’ll look at some ideas for those who are doing last-minute holiday shopping (or early New Year shopping) for campers of all kinds.

Camping and Hiking Gifts: Interesting suggestions, including some neat little utilities like GPS, a pocket video camera for when you run into amazing sights out on the trail, solar chargers for your gear, and a whole bunch more. There are at least a few things here for campers of all experience levels, and definitely a big handful that took creativity and imagination to come up with. Overall, a great list for all tent camping enthusiasts.

RV Art Gallery: Whether you spend the whole year or just the warm season in your RV, there’s no missing the fact that an RV is a home away from home. Why not help the lifestyle RV campers in your circle decorate appropriately with some of the unusual finds in the RV Art Gallery? In addition to wonderful seasonal pieces, there are several picks here that your giftees will enjoy all year around.

REI Gift for Campers: REI launched itself from a regular camping supplier to a great source of information when it inaugurated its outstanding knowledge database earlier this year, including a ton of articles and videos focusing on key outdoor skills. Now, it helps out with the holiday shopping thanks to the new Gifts for Campers section. You’ll find attire, equipment, and handy outdoor tools for both tent campers and RV campers, and even a few things made especially for younger campers.
RV Ornaments and Gifts: No matter what you celebrate, a big part of getting into the holiday spirit is enjoying the fun and excitement of decorating. Full-time RV campers don’t need to be left out of the loop, thanks to these unique RV gifts. Remember, space can be a factor when it comes to getting gifts for RV campers — so, what better thing to offer than a set of ornaments that will make your favorite RV campers’ next year more festive? Plus, they get to think of you each year!

By the next time we see you on AllCampgrounds, it’ll be the day before Christmas Eve. So, get that holiday shopping done right and enjoy a little break from the great outdoors: we’ll see you on the trail again soon, bringing you even more camping news and information! Thanks for stopping by!

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