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December 30, 2011
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Fireworks for the New Year

Fireworks for the New Year
Photo by: Anu Länsisalmi (Stock Exchange)

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Today, we’re checking in on the latest trends that are sure to be hot in the camping scene for 2012.

We’ve covered many of these in depth in prior posts, so you can enjoy a little more on each subject by checking out our archives.

Here are the top trends we expect to see more of in the outdoor world during the new year.

Eco-Camping: Campers have always been in touch with nature and with the need to “leave no trace.” Now, with protecting the environment more important than ever, eco-camping stands to see big gains in 2012. Eco-camping can be as simple as getting in touch with the land at your nearest national park or as complex as planning a major trip to a steamy locale like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or even Chile. Public lands are well-protected from any lasting effects brought by their eco-tourist guests, and are further defended from development when more visitors show interest.

Local Camping: The “Garden Camping” movement in Britain has led to people opening their gardens and porches to overnight visitors. The trend hasn’t caught on in the U.S. just yet, but that could change: camping is growing faster in Britain than anywhere else right now, and it doesn’t take much for new ideas from across the pond to catch on. Although laws differ, many towns and cities have public greens that are well-kept and inviting to a night out under the stars. Of course, you should always stay safe and make sure you’re on the right side of the law before you plan a backyard camping trip.

International Camping: Far on the other side of the tent camping spectrum we have international camping. This has been Europe’s best-kept secret for quite a while: millions of vacationers visit Italy from the continent’s cooler climes every year, and a growing number of those folks bring their tents along. In many countries, camping is not only alive and well, but laws about where to camp are much more relaxed: for example, in Sweden you can pitch a tent practically anywhere as long as you don’t overstay your welcome or cause inconvenience to private land owners.

Glamping: “Glamping,” or glamorous camping, can combine all of the impulses above into one fantastic camping event. To put it simply, glamping is camping without roughing it; while that may not appeal to everyone, it’s a growing segment of the camping scene that has a lot of people excited. Glampers seek out posh destinations like the French Riviera, and camping experiences that are a little more luxurious than most. Many glamping sites are designed for picturesque views and the best in ecologically sound accommodations. It’s a total vacation and camping in one.

Of course, that’s not all that’s going on in the world of camping. This year will probably see much more from the experts in extreme camping. Plus, RV camping shows no sign of slowing down despite recent craziness in the cost of fuel. All in all, 2012 is likely to be another banner year, where more people than ever will be introduced to the fun and excitement of the outdoors. Let’s hope the trend continues for years to come!

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