National Organizations Every Tent Camper Should Know

August 18, 2010
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Does this Florida Keys tent look like home away from home?

Does this Florida Keys tent look like home away from home?
Photo by: Fred Green (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, everyone! It’s good to see you back here at AllCampgrounds.

We’ve been rambling around the U.S. and having great outdoor adventures for quite a while now; today we’re going to take a more leisurely pace and talk about organizations around the country that can help you get the most out of camping.

Remember, all campsites represent a community of people who love the outdoors, and there are literally millions of campers who visit camp grounds all around the country every year. Let’s look at some different ways to get in touch. Next time? Resources just for RV parks and campgrounds.

For Kids

Boy Scouts of America: A fixture in American life (along with its “sister” organization, the Girl Scouts of America), the Boy Scouts have been teaching young folks the importance of the outdoors since 1910, with the Girl Scouts joining in a scant two years later. Both organizations teach valuable skills for surviving and thriving in nature, and also offer a learning community that promotes values like honesty and fair-dealing. With a total of over seven million active youth and adult members, both organizations really do their part to help kids enjoy nature, a perfect preparation for your camping trips.

American Camp Association: Even though you may not hear much about them these days, traditional summer camps are still going strong. In fact, residential summer camps serving kids of school age are found in every state in the United States. Though these camps tend to offer cabins rather than tents, they go a long way toward preparing children to cherish, protect, and enjoy the outdoors, with programs that last anywhere from a few weeks of summer to practically the “whole run.” As for the ACA, it accredits almost 2,500 camps that have attained the highest standards for health, safety, and enrichment.

National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camping: A special resource for children who might need a little hand, NATWC is the umbrella organization that oversees U.S. groups dedicated to helping at-risk youth through awareness and appreciation of the natural world. Though the website is oriented toward professionals in the field, including those holding outdoor jobs, but the rest of us can also find out more about camps offering programs to children in need and make contact with professionals who can help.

For Everyone

Camping Women: A nationwide, all-volunteer nonprofit helping women who love camping get in touch and coordinate safe, friendly, and enjoyable group camping experiences. In addition to great events by chapter, it provides national camping events, a monthly magazine in .pdf format, and even nominates a Camping Woman of the Year. Non-members can enjoy the site’s camping tips and comprehensive collection of links, while members old and new get resources to meet friends and even start new chapters.

American Hiking Society: One of the most fun things to do on any camping trip is go hiking, and the American Hiking Society helps you do it in style. For more than thirty years, AHS has defended America’s best trails and given hikers new ways to enjoy them. Whether you’re just getting involved in hiking, or coming off your third Presidential Traverse, you’ll find in-depth discussions on safety, gear, outdoor skills, and sundry topics, as well as how-to guides, valuable ‘net links and preferred gear stores and brands.

National Recreation and Park Association: An advocacy organization that provides information on all aspects of recreation on public land. Frequented by many in the field, those of us on the outside can learn a lot from the monthly magazine, research and initiatives, and volunteer opportunities. If you want to build your understanding of parks and camping by taking a look on the “inside”, then NRPA has some unique offerings that can really supplement, and enhance, your enjoyment of America’s parks.

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