National Organizations Every Tent Camper Should Know

August 18, 2010
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Does this Florida Keys tent look like home away from home?

Does this Florida Keys tent look like home away from home?
Photo by: Fred Green (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, everyone! It’s good to see you back here at AllCampgrounds.

We’ve been rambling around the U.S. and having great outdoor adventures for quite a while now; today we’re going to take a more leisurely pace and talk about organizations around the country that can help you get the most out of camping.

Remember, all campsites represent a community of people who love the outdoors, and there are literally millions of campers who visit camp grounds all around the country every year. Let’s look at some different ways to get in touch. Next time? Resources just for RV parks and campgrounds. (more…)

An “Out of This World” Trip: Camping Around the Barringer Meteor Crater

June 23, 2010
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Barringer Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona

Barringer Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona
Photo by: Mike Gieson (Stock Exchange)

Good morning from AllCampgrounds!

In our effort to find the best camping trips around North America, we’ve gone above and beyond– literally. Today’s blog will show you around tent camping and RV camp grounds outside Flagstaff, Arizona, near the impact site of the Barringer Meteor.

This natural marvel “dropped in” from space some fifty thousand years ago, but its now-famous Crater was only studied intensively starting in the 1800s. Considered a “national natural landmark”, it’s a little under three-fourths of a mile around and almost 600 feet deep. It also serves as the backdrop for all kinds of camping! (more…)

Tent Camping in the Florida Everglades

April 8, 2010
The Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades
Photo by: Robert S. Flaum (Stock Exchange)

Welcome to today’s AllCampgrounds blog. In this edition we’ll be exploring a topic near and dear to me, tent camping in Florida; specifically, camping opportunities in the fascinating Florida wetlands known as the Everglades. Home to the iconic Florida alligator, this “river of glass” encompasses miles of sawgrass prairie in the southern part of the state. A national park protects about a quarter of the total land, just over one and a half million acres, and provides fantastic camping opportunities. Other camp grounds can be found around Everglades City and Florida City, both nearby. (more…)

Camping the 50 States Series: Campgrounds Illinois

April 2, 2010
Could this be paradise?

Could this be paradise?
Photo by: Benjamin Earwicker (Stock Exchange)

Hello and good morning to all! Hope you’re ready and raring to go with more great camping info as we move on to a whole new frontier in campgrounds, Illinois.

This northern state is a little bit unusual in that almost three-fourths of the entire population lives in the northeast, principally around Chicago.

That leaves a great deal of this nearly 58,000 square mile landmass relatively sparse, and there are plenty of great places for tent camping, RV camping, and more dotted around the landscape. (more…)

Yellowstone: America’s Most Famous Park

March 26, 2010
Beaver Pond

Beaver Pond
Photo by: Pamela Anne (Stock Exchange)

Welcome one and all to AllCampgrounds, the best site on the web for info on camp grounds, nature travel, parks and more!

To kick off our journey through some of the greatest parks and camp grounds in the U.S., I thought we would visit the world famous Yellowstone Park.

Everybody has heard of it – it even inspired “Jellystone Park” of Yogi Bear fame – but do you know what makes it so special? You will after our virtual visit!


Tent Camping and More in America’s National Forests

March 24, 2010
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Sonoran Moonrise

Moonrise in Tonto National Forest Photo by: Lisa Langell (Stock Exchange)

Howdy, all, and welcome back to your source for all things camping, AllCampgrounds.

From yesterday’s discussion about national parks, I wanted to dig in deeper and talk with you about the great camp grounds around national forests.

These huge, densely wooded areas are home to complex ecosystems and plenty of wildlife, and spending a few nights in one is a unique experience not to be missed.


What to Know About National Parks

March 18, 2010
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Yellowstone River

View from the top of a mountain at Yellowstone
Photo by: Steven Ritts (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to your premier “camp grounds” on the Internet, AllCampgrounds.com.

Since we talked so much about KOA camp grounds the other day, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little general background on the many beautiful national parks in the U.S.

After all, the national parks are part of the public trust, and they are some truly beautiful, pristine places – and great for getting acclimated to the unique joys and challenges of camping … without wireless Internet. (more…)