Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Washington State

August 12, 2010
Mount Rainier in Washington state, seen from the air

Mount Rainier in Washington state, seen from the air
Photo by: Lydia McKay (Stock Exchange)

Hello, campers! Today we continue our Washington state series, moving on to all the best RV parks and campgrounds that this terrific Pacific state has to offer.

Though we can’t take a look at all campgrounds in Washington, these are some of the best camp grounds that our furthest northwest state has.

Next time AllCampgrounds will take a look at state and federal lands, both of the tent camping and RV persuasion. Here are today’s picks. (more…)

Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Nebraska

August 4, 2010
Thunderstorm in the Nebraska sand hills

Thunderstorm in the Nebraska sand hills
Photo by: Elke Edwards (Stock Exchange)

Today’s AllCampgrounds continues our rambling journey around Nebraska, building momentum on our quest to check out just about all campsites worth visiting.

Today we take to the trails with our friends in the RV lifestyle, looking at some of the top RV parks and campgrounds throughout the state.

There are quite a few, as you’d expect from a place where steppes and plains are still treasured and there to be enjoyed for all campers! (more…)

Camping the 50 States: Camping RV Resorts and RV Campgrounds in Idaho

July 23, 2010
Myrtle Falls, Idaho

Myrtle Falls, Idaho
Photo by: Benjamin Earwicker (Stock Exchange)

Howdy, all! Today’s AllCampgrounds finishes up our visit to Idaho.

We’ve seen some of the best public lands, including brilliant Shoshone Falls, and visited some amazing grounds for tenting.

Now let’s saddle up the old “coach” and find the best picks for RVs. Who knows where we’ll be headed to next? The outdoors is a big, big place!

Blue Lake RV Resort: Six miles south of Bonners Ferry, which serves as home to the beautiful waterfall pictured above, this northern Idaho RV resort offers six wide pull-through sites for the biggest RVs, as well as a large assortment of other RV and tent camping locales. Pull-throughs are equipped with 30 amp electric service and wireless access. There are also back-in and partial hook-up sites. A clubhouse free hot shower, fishing, swimming, and a range of other fun games and events are included. For hunters, be aware that this place is right in the heart of Idaho’s big game country! (more…)

Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Maine

July 5, 2010
Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Maine

The coast of Portland, Maine
Photo by: vanora (Stock Exchange)

In yesterday’s AllCampgrounds, we started to explore the best campgrounds in Maine, a unique camping area that stands at the crossroads of Canada and the northeastern United States.

We’ve rustled up some awesome places for tent camping, so it’s time to forge ahead and talk about RV parks and campgrounds, camping RV resorts, and other topics near and dear to our friends who camp on wheels.


Camping the 50 States: RV Parks and Campgrounds in Louisiana

June 9, 2010
One of Louisiana’s iconic residents, the local gator

One of Louisiana’s iconic residents, the local gator
Photo by: Pam Roth (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, campers! In an earlier post here on AllCampgrounds, we discussed the ongoing oil spill situation in the Gulf states. As a Florida resident, this means a lot to me and so, I’d like shine the spotlight on some prime camp grounds around the Gulf, starting with Louisiana.

This state sure has overcome some troubles in the last few years, but the locals’ resilience, spirit, and humor has seen them through it all. And now, they could sure use a visit from all of us campers! Just to shake things up a bit, we’ll start with RV camp grounds.

Tent camping? You’ll get to see your home away from home next time!


Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Nevada

May 25, 2010
The wilds of eastern Nevada

The wilds of eastern Nevada
Photo by: Susan H. (Stock Exchange)

Good morning! A bit ago on AllCampgrounds, we began to explore Nevada by focusing on the best in tent camping. As we learned, there are a lot of huge, well-developed state and national parks offering a true glimpse of the sometimes harsh, but always serene beauty of this desert landscape.

There’s also great lakefront camping! But, admittedly, the weather can be harsh for non-locals, and that may make tent camping a challenge. That’s where RV camping comes in, and Nevada has enough RV parks for anyone! So, as we continue our 50 States Series, it’s on to RV camping Nevada! (more…)

Camping the 50 States: The Best RV Parks in Tennessee

May 14, 2010
Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee
Photo by: Horton Group (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, fellow campers!

Last time, we swung through Tennessee to get a close look at the tent camping scene there and get the scoop on some top state parks.

This time, it’s on to the best in RV parks and RV camping.

After all, as any road warrior knows, the RV camping experience is a world all of its own!

So, here’s a handful of the most-visited RV parks in the Tennessee scene. Let’s check it out … (more…)

Camping the 50 States: Colorado and The Rockies

April 28, 2010
View from the outskirts of Rocky Mountain National Park

View from the outskirts of Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo by: Laura Shreck (Stock Exchange)

Welcome to the Rockies! Today on AllCampgrounds, we’re headed to a new state to look at tent camping and RV camping in Colorado, especially around the Rocky Mountains.

Now, the Rockies are one of the most iconic ranges in the United States and stretch across five other states as well as parts of Canada, but because of the great diversity of Colorado’s natural landscape, the state plays host to one of the most lively and versatile camping scenes along the range.

This includes plenty of camp grounds to choose from through the year, with plenty of winter sports and beautiful summer hiking and climbing!


Camping the 50 States Series: Alaska

April 20, 2010
Mud Lake, Alaska

Mud Lake, Alaska
Photo by: Jeremy Sauskojus (Stock Exchange)

Hello, hello, hello! In today’s AllCampgrounds blog, we cross another state off our list by zooming out to the frozen tundra of Alaska!

Now, unless you’re an Eskimo, your goal will probably be to camp in what passes for summer in this icy region, but rest assured there’s phenomenal natural beauty for you to enjoy when you do.

There’s also some of the greatest trout fishing anywhere in the world.


Camping the 50 States Series: Hawaii

April 6, 2010
Polihale Beach, on the west coast of Kauai, Hawaii

Polihale Beach, on the west coast of Kauai, Hawaii
Photo by: Gregory Runyan (Stock Exchange)

Aloha, everybody! On today’s AllCampgrounds blog we’ll be camping another of the 50 states as we look to get the low-down on all campsites in Hawaii. Tourists, surfers, and adventurers visit Hawaii’s pristine beaches every year to enjoy beautiful sand and crystal clear waves; but did you know there’s also a tent camping scene there? Amazing, but true; there are over a dozen sites around the Big Island, with several more dispersed across the rest of the land that makes up Hawaii. Now, I’m not going to lie to you; camping in Hawaii can be a tiny bit complicated. That’s why, as far as this post goes, I’m going to make sure you have all the info and resources you need to get started. (more…)

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