AllCampgrounds State Park Spotlight: Baxter, Machias River, and More

July 7, 2010
A dock full of dinghies in Maine

A dock full of dinghies in Maine
Photo by: Gregory Runyan (Stock Exchange)

Greetings, campers!

Rounding out our voyage through the charming state of Maine, AllCampgrounds turns to the greatest public parks and their offerings for tent camping and RV camping.

We already discussed Acadia National Park a bit in a previous post; it’s probably the best-known parkland in the state, and encompasses a lot of what campers value in Maine …

But it’s definitely not all!

All campsites have something unique to bring to the table, so here are a few other wonderful public spaces for you to consider.


Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Maine

July 5, 2010
Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Maine

The coast of Portland, Maine
Photo by: vanora (Stock Exchange)

In yesterday’s AllCampgrounds, we started to explore the best campgrounds in Maine, a unique camping area that stands at the crossroads of Canada and the northeastern United States.

We’ve rustled up some awesome places for tent camping, so it’s time to forge ahead and talk about RV parks and campgrounds, camping RV resorts, and other topics near and dear to our friends who camp on wheels.


Camping the 50 States: Tent Camping in Maine

July 1, 2010
The enchanting Maine coastline

The enchanting Maine coastline
Photo by: yellowssub (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds!

In today’s post we’ll drop by New England to look at camp grounds in the beautiful state of Maine, which borders Canada in the northeast corner of the United States.

With easy access to the state of New Hampshire and two Canadian provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick, this is a great area to serve as base for camping adventures in both countries.

This time, we will discover some tent camping sites, with RV parks and campgrounds coming right up in our next visit. (more…)