Camping the 50 States: The Best RV Parks in Tennessee

May 14, 2010
Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee
Photo by: Horton Group (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, fellow campers!

Last time, we swung through Tennessee to get a close look at the tent camping scene there and get the scoop on some top state parks.

This time, it’s on to the best in RV parks and RV camping.

After all, as any road warrior knows, the RV camping experience is a world all of its own!

So, here’s a handful of the most-visited RV parks in the Tennessee scene. Let’s check it out …

Most of the RV camps in Tennessee are located in the eastern portion of the state, and of those, the majority are clustered around Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains. Not surprisingly, the Smokies’ brilliant peaks and old-growth forests attract adventurers, campers, and eco-tourists of all kinds. By contrast, there are relatively few RV camps in the western part of the state, around Memphis, and a scattering of others in the central region, close to Nashville. For an idea of what you’re looking at, visit the Tennessee Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, an organization with shared standards of quality and price that has member camp grounds state-wide.

Since we’re equal opportunity around here, we’ll showcase sites from around the state.

Twin Mountain RV Park: Minutes away from the Great Smoky Mountains, Twin Mountain RV is perched on the banks of Little Pigeon River. All sites come with water, electric, and sewer standard, and both 30 and 50 amp service is available. You can enjoy activities like river tubing, swimming, and even basketball and tennis. The same company also operates several other high quality properties around the state, which you can learn all about through the same site.

Nashville Country RV Park: Located just outside the city that serves as its namesake, Nashville Country is family owned and operated. With 100 sites total, Nashville Country benefits from its central location to a number of great area attractions. During a stay at Nashville Country, you can enjoy time at Mammoth Cave National Park and some of the best regional fishing at Old Hickory Lake, Good times in both Kentucky and Tennessee are within easy reach, making this a top stop for out-of-towners and locals alike.

Deer Run RV Resort: Sprawling across the Cumberland Plateau outside Crossville in east-central TN, Deer Run’s motto is “Where Camping is a Pleasure.” As you’d expect, one of the big draws is wildlife viewing, including the eponymous deer. A 25-acre lake with beachfront area is the centerpiece of resort life, and there are also some amenities that are relatively rare, including a deli and chapel.

In our upcoming posts, look for more information on camping around the Great Smoky Mountains, including the first-ever edition of AllCampgrounds National Park Spotlight and a collection of several other great camp grounds right in the heart of the range.

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