Stay Safe While Camping in the Smokies

December 10, 2008
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Always thinking of safety measures may not be the most fun thing to do, but if you’re camping in the Smokies, it can save you a trip to the hospital. Here are a few camping safety tips you should be mindful of when camping in the Smokies.

Bear Country - All wildlife is dangerous. Do not approach or feed.

The various safety signs you’ll see throughout the park are posted there for a reason — to keep you safe. If you’re smart, you’ll be mindful of these signs when you see them. If there’s a sign telling you not to climb on the waterfalls — you shouldn’t climb on the waterfalls. No one is out to spoil your fun; officials just know that some of the rocks may be covered with moss or algae which could cause a person to slip.

If you are hiking, you should make sure everyone in your hiking party has proper attire. Weather can change rapidly in the park. You may start out with a cool morning, have a hot afternoon, and then a cold chill can quickly descend on the mountain as night falls. Before you head out on any hiking excursion, make sure you know what the weather is expected to do so you can prepare for it. At the very least, everyone should have a weather proof jacket and a supply of food and water.

You should also watch out for poison ivy, ticks, chiggers, and snakes in the mountains. You shouldn’t let your children wander too far ahead on trails because they could step on a snake. They shouldn’t be allowed to roam alone off of a trail, either. Poison ivy is plentiful in many spots, and a bad case of poison ivy can put a damper on your vacation. To cut down on bug bites, ticks, and chiggers, wear long pants and use bug repellent when hiking. Be sure to check everyone for ticks and chiggers each night.

Following these tips can ensure that you and yours enjoy your trip to the Smokies.

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