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August 20, 2010
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RV camping all the way in the Czech Republic!

RV camping all the way in the Czech Republic!
Photo by: Victor Zuydweg (Stock Exchange)

In today’s AllCampgrounds, we’ll pick up where we left off and show you some great national groups for those who enjoy the best RV parks and campgrounds around the United States.

RVers are well known for their sense of community and solidarity, and so, there are plenty of organizations of all different kinds to choose from in your quest to meet more like-minded campers.

Of course, there are hundreds of state and regional RV camping groups around the country, so today we’ll focus solely on those that are known nationwide.

Family Campers and RVers: FCRV encourages friendship and family bonding among members dispersed all around the United States. With a focus on appreciating nature and developing better camping, hiking, and outdoor skills, FCRV is known for its great number of conventions, rallies, and group excursions. Planned activities for kids are a regular fixture of FCRV events, and there are even scholarship funds and survival skill classes to take advantage of for campers young, old, and in between.

Tin Can Tourists: The Tin Can Tourists are RV camping aficionados who celebrate classic trailers and motorcoaches. Besides holding annual conventions featuring Tin Can Tourists from around the country, the organization also maintains a directory of RV camps and RV resorts that are “Tin Can” friendly, either with affiliation to the group or discounts for members. Aside from the great camp grounds, you can learn plenty about restoration and related topics, or browse the classified section for gear.

RV Consumer Group: An independent and not-for-profit organization, the RV Consumer Group is handy for those who aspire to be RV campers in the future but haven’t quite crossed over to the lifestyle yet. The reason why? The Consumer Group provides research and advocacy for all things RV, as well as unbiased reviews, safety information, and ratings for the major RV brands and related equipment. If you’re making your first purchase or looking at a rental to get a taste of the RV life, look here first.

RVing Women: RVing Women is the largest group in North America dedicated to women who enjoy RVing. With a strong social network open to any woman interested in RVing (ownership not required!), RVW provides unique resources and a slew of events for women who’ve embraced the RV lifestyle. In August alone, chapters around the country organized nine great events. September and October are looking just as full of on the RVing Women calendar, and each chapter and individual event even has its own informational webpage!

Loners on Wheels: Active for 40 years, Loners on Wheels is literally the country’s first and largest singles group “on wheels”, catering to unattached folks of both genders. With 50 regional chapters in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, it provides trips, caravaning, and all kinds of events. You can search for events conveniently by U.S. state to find out exactly what’s going on in your area. Loners on Wheels is associated with the Low-Hi RV Resort and Ranch in New Mexico, which has 65 spacious RV sites and welcomes both LOW members and others to enjoy its amenities. Biannual LOW rallies are held there!

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