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August 24, 2010
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All that’s missing is bookshelves!

All that’s missing is bookshelves!
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Howdy, all!

In today’s AllCampgrounds blog, we’ll provide some more great sites for you to visit and learn even more about tent camping, gear, outdoor activities, and the nationwide camper community that’s out there and waiting to meet you.

Though we try to cover a little bit of everything in AllCampgrounds, we’d be remiss without a little tip of the hat to super-specialized venues around the web.

We hope you find these resources just as valuable as our own site, as they’re some of the best!

Backpacker Magazine: Backpacker is known for its great articles and guides on hiking and backpacking, as the title suggests; but the fun doesn’t end there. In addition to gear, skills, and nature-spotting information that’s great for hikers, you can also find out about great camping destinations and learn a lot of things that will spruce up your tent camping excursions, no matter what you like to do in the great outdoors. After all, just about every great trail is associated with camp grounds, usually a national or state park – and Backpacker’s interactive map lets you pinpoint those terrific trails from your computer.

Camping Life Magazine: Camping Life is the quintessential magazine for everybody, whether your thing is tent camping or RV parks. As you’d expect from a top-flight camping magazine, a big portion of this beefy guide is devoted to the best campground destinations. Features include everything from the exotic to the ordinary: 25 Best Spring Campout Locations, to the finer points of Outfitting an RV, and whether or not to Campsite RSVP. Whether by e-reader or campfire, it’s a great choice for campers!

Family Camping & Canoeroots Magazine: While most of the other outlets on today’s list is way out there in the 21st century – with customized versions for your iPad and iPhone screens. And what will you be seeing on those screens? Canoeroots has a long history of being the premier camping magazine for canoeing enthusiasts. The website makes great use of embedded video and all the latest “new media” to really show you a thing or two, and the online magazine also distinguishes itself in some other ways: it even has a dedicated camping food blog! Whether you want to learn about camping bathrooms or camping pie, the truly diverse Canoeroots has it covered. And if the website is a little too much like watching TV for your tastes, you can still subscribe to the print edition.

RV Life: What would a post like this be without mentioning RV Life, one of the staples in the RV lifestyle? You can even get a print subscription to the magazine – assuming you’re in one place long enough for that! Chock full of information for RV campers in every issue, it has informative columns, articles, and blogs, reviews RV camp grounds and resorts, and tells you all about travel experiences and adventures for you and your rig.

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