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August 26, 2010
Camping in the Australian outback!

Camping in the Australian outback
!Photo by: Falk Schaaf (Stock Exchange)

Morning, campers! For as long as I’ve been writing for AllCampgrounds, we’ve been on a journey to cover camping in the fifty states and around North America.

But one of my passions is travel, and I like to get out of the country every once in a while – so just this once I thought it’d be a great idea to give our loyal readers a glimpse of tent camping and RV camping around the world.

After all, natural beauty is everywhere, and there are unique sites, terrific camp grounds, and protected public lands all over the globe!

Canada Outdoors: As our readers know, there are lots of spectacular camping spots in Canada, and many discount camping organizations offer deals on Canada just as frequently as camp grounds in the States. Canada Outdoors is a service of the country’s tourism bureau, and gives you a fantastic overview of the many outdoor adventures you can enjoy in the breathtaking tundra, including canoeing, hiking, and safaris into the Arctic that include genuine dog sledding.

Visit Mexico Camping: Our neighbor to the south offers a diverse land that doesn’t end with just desert: there are also beautiful beaches, mountains, jungles, and more. In this valuable compendium, you’re invited to get a taste of the best of all campsites Mexico has to offer. This index of twenty-two outstanding destinations covers the entire country, from beautiful Acapulco to historic Oaxaca and temperate Mazatlan. Many of the top public parks are highlighted in these overviews, giving you a strong sense of how to set up your trip for a top tent camping or RVing experience.

Karma Bum Cafe: Karma Bum is a commercial site that offers an overview of camping, country-by-country, throughout Europe. Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Paris receive special attention as “adventure hubs”, but there’s also information available for well over a dozen other countries from western Europe all the way to Russia. If your next camping expedition is going global, check here first. Aside from the great tips on regional camping, Karma Bum also offers advice on developing a travelers’ camping kit and a host of other tips so “camping culture shock” won’t confuse your journey. For more, check out The Guardian UK’s article Wild Camping in Europe.

Camping Card International: Last but not least, a little help for your budget. Camp grounds in other countries can be expensive, especially when the exchange rate isn’t favorable. Enter the CCI, a valuable asset for your globe-trotting arsenal. More than a thousand camp grounds across Europe recognize the Camping Card, and even “in season” you can get deep discounts up to 25% off. Just as important for savvy travelers, the CCI comes with its own third-party liability insurance. In case anything happens, you’re covered – and your CCI is accepted all over, just like your passport.

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