Welcome Back! AllCampgrounds Kicks Off 2011 With Camping News

April 8, 2011
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Gather ‘round the campfire for more AllCampgrounds ...

Gather ‘round the campfire for more AllCampgrounds ...
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Howdy, campers, and welcome back to the AllCampgrounds blog!

After an invigorating rest stop, it’s time once again to plunge into the latest and greatest in the world of camping.

Once again, we’ll be taking a close look at RV parks and campgrounds, tent camping grounds, and all the information you need to get camping quick. All campsites are welcome here at AllCampgrounds!

Now, it’s been quite a while, so let’s hit the trail and see what’s new out there.

We’ll be back in the swing of things before you know it.

Now, as every camper knows, camping season is upon us and it’s just about time to go on the annual camping trip. If you didn’t know it by the weather, you’d be able to tell by the fare on TV lately. Camping was at the center of a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice, where teams were challenged to “create an RV camping experience” in the middle of Manhattan! On the other side of the dial, even Kate Plus 8 got into the act with a high-profile Australian camping trip. The question is: How ‘bout all the rest of us campers?

Well, things are looking good out there for tent camping and RV campers of all kinds! In many areas across the U.S., campgrounds are expanding or getting upgraded facilities – or both. Oregon state parks just got 16 new deluxe cabins. Maricopa County, Arizona has leapt into the digital age with both feet, putting camping reservations online for the first time. You can even view campsites online to find out which ones are right for you.

And there are lots of fresh articles and new developments going on around the camping world, too. For example, Gizmag introduces us to the glory of yurt camping. If you’re not familiar with the Mongolian-inspired temporary shelter, take a look; it’s a great “in between” option for a family camping trip: a bit broader, sturdier, and more comfortable than the average tent, but less luxurious than a cabin. Perfect for the steppes or wherever you find yourself on a camping trip with different ages and experience levels.

And there’s even a little controversy to report. In British Columbia, the town of Lake Cowichan is opening historic Centennial Park to camping. This has local camp grounds owners up in arms, as Centennial Park is public land and entrepreneurs contend that not all campgrounds with private ownership can compete. What do you think? Is it harmless to offer more options, or do towns have an obligation to local camp grounds owners? Which brings us to another important point …

With talk of a looming “partial government shutdown” still in the air at the time of this writing, you may be wondering what will happen to federal lands, and whether there’s bad news on the horizon for our national parks based on what we know today. Next time on AllCampgrounds, we’ll talk about how the budget situation might impact camping, and discuss ways that YOU can help preserve and protect your local camp grounds while enjoying the great outdoors. Hope to see you then!

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