RV Parks and Campgrounds for the Best Summer Camping, Part 1

July 1, 2011
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Ready to hit the trail for more summer camping fun?

Ready to hit the trail for more summer camping fun?
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Welcome to AllCampgrounds!

Just like we promised last week, today’s journey is all about RV parks and campgrounds.

RVers can find awesome camping conditions just about any time of the year, of course, but it’s all about finding the right camp grounds for your style.

Let’s beat the heat or enjoy the burn at some great summery destinations for big rig campers!

Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s biggest freshwater lake, and as you’d expect, there are a lot of great camping spots around the shore, including some of the state’s most celebrated RV parks. At the aptly-named Eden KOA you can see all kinds of local events and a good slice of the National Ice Age Scenic Trail. Swim in the beautiful lake, watch the birds, or visit the one-of-a-kind aviation museum. The KOA features 50 amp hookups, with space to accommodate plenty of rigs: RV clubs and get-togethers are fairly frequent.

Also in the area is Lakeview Campground. With a famous pub and grill featuring the much-attended Friday Night Fish Fry, Lakeview is family-owned and a little more private and personal than your average KOA. Even so, though, you’ll be impressed by the features: heated pool, concession stands, mini-golf, three playgrounds, sports, and plenty of pleasant, wooded areas for camping. Don’t have your own RV? You can rent one at competitive rates and still enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at Lakeview.

There are a lot of folks out there who aspire to the RV lifestyle but don’t have a rig of their own just yet; or maybe you’re an RVer who’d like the chance to introduce the life to a younger relative. If either of these describe you, there might be a perfect opportunity in American Wanderer Summer Camp, which bills itself as “RV Camp for Kids.” Helping youngsters aged 11 through 17 experience eight of the country’s best national parks, American Wanderer is the only rolling summer camp, which ranges across public parks from day to day in upscale rolling cabins. Parents and families can get in on the act during the off season, with custom trips for private groups.

That’s just a taste of what summer has to offer in RV parks and campgrounds. Like your summer camping hot and flat? Or maybe you want to relax in the company of a whole slew of RVers just like you? You’ll want to tune in to our next post at AllCampgrounds, where we’ll continue the hunt for the best RV camp grounds around the nation. Come back this time next week to share some camping sizzle with AllCampgrounds. Until then!

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